Bench Series : October

Dunedin PC 200_3000x4000

This month Jude is looking for a bench with someone or something sitting on it

(any kind of bench will do, but there must be at least one person, animal or object on the bench)

Take a look at Jude’s bench, I have never seen so many people on one bench…

I spotted this fellow cruiser taking photos in the Dunedin Railway Station. A magnificent building of Flemish Renaissance design. I also took many photos. (pop over to see what we were both impressed with) I can tell he is a passenger on the cruise ship I was also travelling on, as he had his tag on so he could get back on board, can you see it around his neck…

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11 thoughts on “Bench Series : October

  1. What a lovely building. Nice photo.

  2. That is one fascinating building. I’m not surprised he was sitting there taking photos. At first I thought it was Jack, but on closer look I see it isn’t.

  3. Yes, I thought Jack too 🙂 I was just going to say ‘that fellow gets into a lot of your posts’ when I read the words beneath 🙂

    • This would probably be one of the only benches in my collection without Jack on it, there’s more to come!!!!

  4. Nice shot1

  5. Great shot – and I love those colours and the architecture 🙂

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