My Queensland garden on the first day of winter…

Jude is hosting a garden photography challenge on “Earth laughs in flowers” and the theme for January is “Winter”. Of course January is mid-summer in Australia, so to show you “Winter” down under I am re-blogging a post I did about my garden on June 1st 2015, the first day of winter down under.

gypsy life

May 2015 garden 102_4000x3000

The Frangipani tree knows winter is here. Only a couple of rusty leaves still cling to the top most branches. It is a true tropical native and goes into hibernation at the slightest drop in the temperature. But mostly in this Southeast corner of Queensland there is not much difference in the seasons.

May 2015 garden 103_4000x3000

The bromeliads encircle the frangipani trunkonly needing a small amount of water in the centre of their leaves to survive season after season. I recently gave Buddha a wash, it has been a wet Autumn and he was turning a delicate shade of green. Now he sits in pristine splendour and contemplates the fish pond.

May 2015 garden 007_4000x3000

A lone lily reaches to the sun.

May 2015 garden 110_4000x3000

It has been a good year for spiders and this guardian orb spider hangs hopefully in the Grevillea tree waiting for passing insects to be ensnared in his web. Look how big he is…

May 2015 garden 110 crop_1692x1257

Another timid…

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18 thoughts on “My Queensland garden on the first day of winter…

  1. You have a magical garden!

  2. I must have missed this the first time around (I think we were in Cornwall then with very erratic wifi) so I am doubly glad that you reposted this! How delightfully abundant your garden is all year round! As long as I can avoid the arachnids… 🙂

    • Thanks Jude I’m never too sure about re-blogs, but consider there are always new people coming for a look. Ah yes I often get those sticky webs across my face as I walk around. If I remember I hold a stick in front of me to clear the way…

  3. I see I liked it first time round – but I had forgotten Jack’s pillars. They are lovely.

  4. girlinbetweensite

    How colorful and beautiful!

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