Doors hold a fascination for many people. What is behind them? What stories and secrets do they hide? The possibilities of one door closing and another one opening.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Milton Berle

This week I have found a new challenge “Doors” hosted by Norm. It runs from Thursday to Saturday so I have just time to put in my first set of doors from Korea.

doors lr-1 

The intricate carved doors of the Korean Temples. Let’s look inside…

doors lr-3

I also like the plain wooden doors that showcase the intricate carving, like this one.

doors lr-4

Now as well as the obsession with benches triggered by Jude, (that challenge has now finished, but take a look here at Jude’s new challenge “garden photography“) 

I will now be searching for distinctive doors.

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26 thoughts on “Doors…

  1. Do.Not.Get.Me.Started.On.Doors.

  2. Oh my it is ethereal!

  3. I love doors for their symbolism and if I find a beautiful even better! Your Korean ones are fabulous, so colourful and ornate.

  4. Welcome to the challenge and so good to see you here. You started off with a very colorful bang!!


  5. Wow, these are just wonderful! Welcome, I’m so glad you found our little Thursday Doors crew and decided to join us. Please feel free to join in whenever you have share-worthy doors 🙂

    • Thanks for hosting this challenge Norm it is good to have somewhere to showcase doors I have hidden away in my archives and new ones as I spot them

  6. I enjoyed the colorful door but the wooden one was really easier to see the carving. Both lovely and intricately special. I post doors but my wordpress put mine a little out of order recently. Hope to connect through my deeper philosophical posts, too.

  7. Nice selection Pauline.

  8. Doors are interesting these doors are really lovely , great .

  9. Whenever I can I join the door challenge. You get hooked like on benches!

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