Travel Theme : Future…

Marreeba multicultural festival 188_2004x2541 Marreeba multicultural festival 197_2298x1905

and joyously dance

and joyously dance

The joy of youth

The joy of youth

Our future is in the hands of our children.

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8 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Future…

  1. Hopefully they will do a better job with the world than we did. They certainly contain infinite promise, potential, and sweetness, before it gets raised out of them as they “grow up.”

    • Good comment Cindy. I was going to put photographs of universities too as I believe education holds the hope for our future, but then the children are were the seeds are sown.

  2. What a great expression of hope for the future – young people dancing and enjoying. May it be so for all children.

  3. Well the first young man looks pretty determined!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! The fresh spirit of the kids – and then the colors! The green in the one and the pants in the first – then the red in the third – and the pink in the last!

    • Kids are beautiful and they will have a hard job ahead of them, our generation have made a terrible job of steering the world into the future.

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