Thursday’s Special : Organized Noise…

Tobias M Schiel has joined Paula’s Thursday Special as a guest challenger. What a challenge he has presented.

“In my eyes the concept of organized noise begs the question of its applicability to pictures. Photography is known to record ‘noise’ in capturing the old, the broken, the decrepit – the sights someone might not like subjectively. The medium appears to lend itself to this aesthetic choice, and it has been keenly criticized for it.”

I’m finding it very hard to decipher the meaning of “Organized Noise” in photography, so I am presenting 3 different images for this challenge. Maybe I am way off the mark, but it has certainly made me try to think outside the square of my usual contributions to these photo challenges.

First I am looking for something old, broken and decrepit.

Ger to Mulawa 029 enhanced

Ger to Mulawa 029_3264x2448This is the original photo and I have cropped it hard to just include the disintegrating beams and the crumbling sandstone. Adding a dry brush affect to give the stones more definition.

Can you see the small bird on the old corrugated roof?

Tobias gives us another possible way of looking at this challenge

“Find a rhythm: Straight horizontal or vertical frame-to-frame lines can convey such a sense.”

Now this image only has a few straight lines, but I think the contours create a rhythm. The organized noise would be the sound of feet running up and down and the chattering of students discussing their classes. This is inside the amazing UTS Frank Gehry building in Sydney. (Take a look at it here)



Finally Jack suggested this interpretation of noise in photos.

Image noise is random (not present in the object imaged) variation of brightness or color information in images, and is usually an aspect of electronic noise. It can be produced by the sensor and circuitry of a scanner or digital camera.” (Wikipedia)

This is not technically a very good photo as it is very “noisy”. But is it organized noise? I think it is as it was created for a special purpose.

IMG_4266_1P Pokies Poster Edges Framed

So what is your interpretation of this interesting challenge? 

Go over to either Tobias’s blog to see his interesting “organized noise” images, or head to Paula’s site to see how other bloggers have interpreted this challenge


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13 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special : Organized Noise…

  1. Thank you for your contribution – I like this a lot! In the first picture, I think you nicely ‘organized’ that ‘noise’; it looks like the cropping superimposed a new kind of noise, thus possibly creating layers of noise (if you choose to see it like that). And I like the second one: You neatly packed some noise into those rhythms. And number three: How very smart – I did not think of that, but of course you can use electric noise as an artistic means, which is what you did, if I understand correctly. If that ain’t organizing noise, I don’t know what is…
    As for being off the mark – there is no such thing in this challenge. It got us thinking, and learning. I am learning a lot from your responses: Some things are clearer for me now, I was inspired … and hope it works for you, too.

    • You certainly did get me thinking (and discussing it with Jack, he came up with the 3rd option) I like it when we get something different to get our teeth, or should I say eye, into. Thank you for the encouraging comments

    • I am very happy and pleased to read this review 🙂 I apologise for not dragging my a55 here sooner. Thank you, Pauline. Your posts are always more than fitting, and it is hard to pick a favourite here – hmmm, maybe the second one 🙂

      • Thank you Paula for finding the time to pop over with an encouraging comment. I always look forward to your challenges.

  2. Well done, this is a really difficult challenge!

  3. I wouldn’t have a clue what organized noise is in pictures – you’ve interpreted this challenge really well! 😀

  4. I admire your struggle, and your offerings

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