Travel Theme : Gloss…

Cooly Rocks pc 088 blurVintage cars are the apple of their owner’s eye and when they put them on display they polish them to perfection.

Glossy, glittering and glamorous.


You can look but don’t touch…

jazz tauranga jc 046

Ailsa has many more glossy things in her challenge, take a look here.

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7 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Gloss…

  1. Great contribution for gloss! And it made me think that the high gloss and impeccable top coats make they look like life size toys for adults!

    • You have a lovely imaginative mind Y, “life size toys for adults”, I like it…

      • Thanks P! And not sure where they came from- maybe because a couple weeks ago we went through stuff and I saw
        Leftover matchbox cars-
        And in the many ways they are cottled I bet some are “toys”

  2. Cee would love this one!

    • I must check Cee’s blog. Now I am at home and have more time, a good internet connection, and it is way too hot and humid to be outside, I enjoy playing around on the computer.

  3. Great photos. Vintage cars were my first thought for this challenge as well.

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