Thursday’s Special : City Dwellers…

1990 packed train_3072x2304

Rush hour in Seoul, city dwellers on their way to work.

Meanwhile in Hobart, Tasmania, life is not so hectic for the city dwellers…

CBD Hobart pc A720 038_3264x2448

City dwellers come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Go to Paula’s post “Lost in translation” you’ll be surprised at her city dwellers.

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12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special : City Dwellers…

  1. seeing new places through the eyes of an observer, is a very enjoyable pastime =^_^= thank you

  2. I could never live in a huge city!

  3. Oh my, you are so right… they do come in all shapes, sizes and forms 😀 I love your perspectives, Pauline, especially in the first shot where you must have stood on a higher ground 🙂

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  5. Great shots. Especially like the view of the heads in the train. That is definitley a view of city dwelling.

  6. What a contrast. I’m glad I’m in Hobart, having done many years of the packed commuter trains in London. Nice post Pauline.

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