Thursday Special : Calligraphy

The crocodile tracks a calligraphy of hidden danger

The crocodile tracks a warning of hidden danger

When walking along beaches in the tropics it is important to read the signs in the sand, especially if they look fresh…

Aborigine art work is a type of calligraphy that dates back thousands of years

Aborigine art work is a type of calligraphy that dates back thousands of years

For thousands of years the Aborigine people verbally passed their history and wisdom through the generations. They also created stories of their dream time in paintings left in caves and later on canvas. A type of symbolic calligraphy.


Meg is the guest artist at Paula’s weekly “Thursday Special” challenge. What a fascinating theme she has chosen, “calligraphy”.

Meg has a unique way with words, she takes us on journeys along the beach and through the bush surrounding her home, opening our eyes to the beauty of nature all around and compliments the journey in words, with beautiful, detailed photos. Visit her Australian world here before she goes to her second home in Poland later this week.

This is how Meg explains her theme.

“What I keep coming back to is calligraphy. I think of precision, delicacy, flow. I think of communicating beautifully, of Chinese artists combining calligraphy and paintings, of the elegance of Arabic script. I also think of the calligraphy of nature – the arrangements made by the sea on the beach, the tracks of moth larvae on scribbly gums, the fossilized ripples on a rock face, the leaf skeletons where the veins only are left, tracks in the sand of dog and beach creature, the shadow of ferns on rock. All mark-making with meaning and beauty.”


Back in August Jack and I went to a free workshop at the local library (as you know I love the library. See a previous post here) A group of Chinese students were giving this hands on workshop to teach the art of Chinese calligraphy.

calligraphy and pc art work 003

With only a few attending the class we had excellent tuition. But it is difficult to master. Just the correct way of holding the brush felt awkward. It was challenging and obviously will need more practice, but after a couple of hours of practice this is what we achieved.

calligraphy and pc art work 010

I cannot remember what it meant, maybe a Chinese person out there can translate it for me…

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22 thoughts on “Thursday Special : Calligraphy

  1. Crocodile tracks! I would have guessed turtle. Love the calligraphy~

    • We were told by a local and it was a big one, did you notice the distance of his feet marks on each side of the dragging tail mark? and there was another smaller one beside him…

  2. I think the Chinese character represents ‘wisdom’.
    But “When I use a word” Humpty Dumpty said,
    ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’
    You should know this Pauline Carroll.
    Here is a picture gram for you 🙂 much easier to understand.

  3. morselsandscraps

    Calligraphy of crocodile, paintbrush and pen. I knew you’d offer variety in your interpretation. The crocodile calligraphy is calligraphy that must be read!

    • You chose an interesting theme Meg. I have photos of the scribbly gum too It will be interesting to see what others come up with.Are you all packed yet? Must be count down time. Do you leave today?

  4. Well, I think that it can’t be more pertinent than this for the Meg’s theme. I like your post, Pauline 🙂

    • Thanks Paula. The calligraphy lesson made me realise how difficult it is to control the brush, and those Chinese students made it look so easy.

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  6. Hooray, Pauline! 🙂 🙂 Super response! 🙂 🙂

  7. Great response to the contest 🙂 Really liked the crocodile tracks… The Chinese calligraphy looks tough!

    • Chinese calligraphy takes lots of practice. When I saw the croc tracks just took the photo then moved on, quickly…

  8. wonderful examples. great photos.

  9. If I saw those tracks I’d exit sharpish!

  10. Tracks in the sand very interesting , I would have made a speedy exit!
    I have always wanted to put my hand to calligraphy. Well done love it.

    • Jack, my partner, is going to “have a go” at calligraphy. We have been watching some you tube tutorials about it.

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