Thursday Special : Urban Art…

Brisbane art gallery 044

This is one of the strangest pieces of urban art I have ever seen. It is situated outside the GOMA (gallery of modern art) in Brisbane. A life-size elephant standing on its head!!! The sign in the back right side says “do not climb on the sculpture” but young children can’t read and who could resist clambering through those inviting spaces…

I went to Google to find out more.

New Zealand artist Michael Parekowhai was paid a million dollars and commissioned to create this enormous sculpture that he called “the world turns”. I couldn’t understand it. What I didn’t see was a tiny water-rat or, as known by the Aborigines, “kuril” sitting in front of the elephant. Along with the traditional Aboriginal custodians, the kuril is one of the caretakers of the land upon which the Gallery and this sculpture stand. The kuril is the other side of the elephant, so I will now have to go back and take some more photos.


This week Paula has chosen “urban art” as her theme. You may like to join in. Check here for urban art from around the world.

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22 thoughts on “Thursday Special : Urban Art…

  1. I am grateful to that little girl for climbing the elephant cause now I can understand how big it is. This is my favourite piece of urban art so far. Thank you very much, Pauline.

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  3. odd and interesting at the same time.

  4. I’d like to turn it back on it’s feet!

  5. hahahahaha, let me repeat: hahahahaha…. this is so funny.

  6. I think DJ featured this on one of her monthly season challenge posts. Quite odd seeing it as a whole.

  7. Love it. It looks like it tipped forward because the front was too heavy. πŸ™‚

  8. I like it, Pauline πŸ™‚ I never stopped to ask myself about the whys. Trust Gilly to feel sorry for it πŸ™‚

    • When I took the photo I didn’t walk all round it (unusual for me!!!) and hadn’t looked it up on Google. In fact didn’t even know it was there until we visited the art gallery and stumbled(!!) across it.

      • It’s funny, isn’t it, because these days we do all that business of looking for good angles to take photos. You didn’t need to with this one because it was already quite unusual enough! πŸ™‚

        • Yes, but that is why I missed the most significant part of the sculpture, the very small water rat… 😦

  9. LOL a moment in time, a lesson learned, and a wonderful capture of a very interesting “story/legend”

    • Thank you, lovely comment. I will be going back to Brisbane when the weather gets a bit cooler, way to hot and humid at the moment for exploring.

  10. Wonderful I would love to see this beautiful sculptue. Wonder what it’s made of any idea.

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