Our Magpie Family : Garden Photography Challenge

This is a reblog from 2 years ago about a delightful magpie family that adopted us as part of their family. Please click on the “view original post” link at the bottom of the story (make sure you have your hankie ready) to read about the sad ending. I thought it would be appropriate for including in Jude’s “Garden Photography Challenge”

Memories are made of this

Breakfast with the family Breakfast with the family

Making sure they all get a feed Making sure they all get a feed. You can see all the babies are squawking, “My turn, my turn”

They all love Jack They all love Jack

This is a story that goes back to 1998 when we moved to Australia and bought a house in Queensland. A magpie would visit each morning and we called him Andy. After a while he brought along his partner and we called her Ladybird. Andy was a very gentle bird he would wait till Ladybird had her feed from Jack’s hand then carefully take what Jack offered him.

On rainy days they would shelter on the deck and serenade us with the most beautiful, vibrant song and then make soft warbling sounds in the back of their throat. It is the sound of the Aussie bush, we loved it.

As time went by they had babies and would bring them along to introduce them…

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18 thoughts on “Our Magpie Family : Garden Photography Challenge

  1. oh I want to know more about hte birds.. how wonderful, thank you for sharing

    • They are lovely birds but can be VERY aggressive at nesting time. Our family never harassed us, but Andy would always swoop on the poor mailman during nesting time.

  2. wonderful birds- thanks so much for sharing

  3. Loved seeing the photos of Jack and his magpie magic and hearing their voices. Wonderful re-post. 🙂

  4. I remember this story. Sad they stopped coming by. At the moment we have a blackbird in the courtyard which serenades us each evening. It used to stand on a pot of mine until a few days ago when it discovered a much higher point from where to sing. i am trying to persuade it to come to Cornwall with me 😉

  5. What a great picture, Jack has a way with wild things.

  6. Love this Birds what can I say I adore them. I see Jack has a way with these Birds. Will read the longer story.

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