Garden Photography Challenge : Birds…

Some of the birds that used to visit our garden.

King Parrott

King Parrott

Little Correl

Little Corella





 Jude “Earth laughs in flowers” is hosting a garden photography challenge and for the month of March the theme is to show wild life that visits the garden. So for this last week of March (where have all the other weeks gone!!!) I am showing just a few of the birds that used to visit our garden.

These are photos from my archives as these birds no longer visit. They have been slowly chased out by the more aggressive crows, currawongs and noisy minors. The noisy minors are only small birds but they travel in gangs and dive bomb even the bigger kookaburra driving them away from prime feeding areas, and our garden has many native plants flowering all year round so we now have a large colony of noisy minors and crows. (I caught a crow having a bath just recently take a look here)

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17 thoughts on “Garden Photography Challenge : Birds…

  1. Your bird photography is stunning. They must pose for you in return for your beautiful garden.

    • I spent a lot of time just watching them.

      • So lovely to watch them from your home. I’m quite excited at the different bird life in Cornwall. We have wrens, chaffinches, robins, pied wagtail and I think maybe greenfinch – and lots of crows!! But no pigeons. Oh and gulls and buzzards overhead. There is an estuary nearby which attracts winter migrants so I shall have to see what lands there too. Maybe I am going to need a good zoom lens after all 😀

  2. Wonderful photos Pauline. The detail on the kookaburra is superb.

  3. Wonderful captures! Pity they no longer visit- but wonderful you have these photos still

    • All the native birds are so colourful I miss them. We still have the occasional rainbow lorikeet drop by. But most of the other birds we now have visit are all black and white.

  4. Lovely shots such beauties, shame they got chased off . Memories .

    • When the drought set in in 2000 the crows all descended on this area from the outback. They are real survivors. But they never left. I guess it was too good for them here…

  5. Fantastic, I love kookaburras!

  6. Lovely shots, Pauline, but what a shame they’ve been driven out. 😦 What’s a currawong, please?

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