Travel Theme : Balance…

Ukranian twins advanced yoga pose

Ukranian twins advanced yoga pose

Symmetry in balance.


This week Ailsa would like us to interpret “balance”.

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18 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Balance…

  1. Yikes!

  2. Advanced? Impossible! Where did you see them?

    • It was an amazing show the Hare Krisna international community put on, about 4 years ago but it was so amazing I remember it all vividly, and it was free!!! They just asked for a donation. We actually went twice. The second time we got there early so we could get a front row seat and take photos.

  3. Amazing!

  4. Good grief, twins as well!

    • Their routine was unbelievable. In fact the whole show was and it was put on by the Hare Krishna and it was entry by donation or free. We went to see it twice. The second time I got there early and got a front seat to take photos.

  5. Easy – I do that every morning before breakfast LOL – not 😀

  6. Wow – great! And great shot!

  7. Simply amazing! 🌵

  8. Wow ! looks like a good show.x

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