Weekly Photo Challenge : Admiration

Turn him back

Turn him back

Don't let him get past you

Don’t let him get past you

Stop that run-a-way

Stop that run-a-way

This is my daughter and I really admire how she sets goals and lives her life to the full. These photos were taken many years ago and her love of horses was her passion at that time. This is the cutting competitions in New Zealand.

Life has moved on and with a business and living in the city she no longer can immerse herself in horses. 3 days ago she flew to Kathmandu to face her next challenge, the trek to Everest base camp. After all the dramas in that area over the past few years my heart trembles for her till she returns.

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Admiration

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  2. You have one adventurous daughter there Pauline.

  3. No boundaries for her, awesome!!!

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  5. She takes after her ma!

  6. Beautiful sequence, Pauline.

  7. So which daughter is this then? The now Polish one?

    • No Polish daughters Jude. Are you mixing me up with Meg? This daughter lives in New Zealand.

      • So sorry PP. I must have been half asleep when I wrote that! Mindst you I wouldn’t have put it past you to have family scattered all around the world. Or maybe they are not as itchy-footed as their mother? And I forgot to say what great action shots these images are.

        • My daughter has just started travelling recently, business commitments kept her tied to the grind stone till recently and my son is a real home body. The photos go back to 1980’s taken with an Olympus SLR and scanned into the computer.

          • I had a very bleak patch when I didn’t travel anywhere except between home and uni or home and work! Single parent, 4 children, no money: but I survived through travel magazines. As the children left home and I had more disposable income I was able to travel again. You just have to do what you can when you can 😀

            • Tough times make resilient people Jude pleased to hear you achieved your dreams.

  8. What an amazing woman she must be. Adventure in the blood. I’m sure she will love the base-camp at Mt Everest and have a lot of great stories to tell on her return xxxx

  9. awesome- simply awesome

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