Garden Photography : Wild Flowers…


I’m going to enjoy Jude’s (earth laughs in flowers) theme for this month “wild flowers”

“Jude says: This month I want to see native wild flowers found in the hedgerows, woodlands, farmland, meadows, by the coast, up a mountain, on the heath and even in your own garden. Basically those plants that haven’t been planted, but occur naturally, although specifically planted wild flower meadows can be included. Wild flowers provide food for humans and wildlife and are usually hardy, resilient and well adapted to the climate and soils, and yes sadly often referred to as weeds”

I can go back in memory to 2010 and spend time searching through the hundreds of photographs I took of the Western Australian wild flower season. We spent 3 months slowly, very slowly, driving and living in Matilda, our small camper van home, along the wild flower trail from Broome in northern WA to Perth in the south. 2010 was a perfect year, just enough winter rain meant the flowers were in magnificent abundance.

It was a dream come true for me to be here revelling in one of the planets exceptional displays. A profusion of beauty.


This path wound through a stunning display of everlasting daisies. They stretched as far as the eye could see. We took photo after photo trying to capture this riotous pageant of colour. But a photo can never capture the feeling that is inside you when you look at all this beauty.


Here they are in close-up. Not only are they beautiful today as I take their photo, but the petals will slowly dry to a crisp papery texture and will last (as the name implies) for ever, without water.


There are so many wild flowers I will have to restrain myself.

If you would like a sneak preview of more wild flowers click here.

Thank you Jude for hosting this interesting challenge. Use this link to see more wild flowers from around the world.

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14 thoughts on “Garden Photography : Wild Flowers…

  1. So beautiful!

  2. We visited WA in 2013. The flowers in The Pilbara were magnificent that year, the daisies further south were late so we missed the best, but we saw enough to get a sense of how fabulous they would be.

    • We were very lucky it was a very good year 2010 and I timed it to slowly follow the flowers south as the opened in each area. It is a lovely part of Australia.

  3. There is nothing like wild flowers, they are so full of joy and even if it’s the camera can’t capture the feeling its enough to bring back the memory. Glorious, I love everlasting flowers!

  4. How wonderful! It must have been amazing to see that carpet of daisies.

  5. What a sight. I am going to relish your photos this month PP. And I love the shot of the path winding through the flowers with Jack in the distance. It could be a painting of Australia from the 19th century – it just has the style of those old bush paintings.

  6. Gorgeous Pauline! Glad I didn’t miss this xx

  7. I have many memories of amazing wildflowers in our hundred acre weed and rock sanctuary. Unfortunately I wasn’t into photography back then. Usually carrying a toddler on my back. One wooded area had a small path leading into a clearing that was filled with large white with yellow center daisies. It was so exciting to come upon that.

    I enjoy all your photos. Particularly since I have never been to that part of the world.

    • Your sanctuary sounds idyllic Eileen. Where was it? Thank you for your encouraging comments.

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