Thursday Doors : Mountain Hut…

Hydro Snowey mt hut pc 051_3264x2448

Travelling over the Snowy Mountains on our trip around Australia in 2010 we stopped at this mountain hut. It was late afternoon and we were looking for some where to stay the night. These huts are provided for travellers and mainly for trampers and skiers in the winter. We went over for a closer look at the door.

Hydro Snowey mt hut pc 037_3264x2448

This looked promising so we went inside and saw this notice on the wall.

Murry 1 to hut 115

So we decided to stay the night. Jack collected some fire wood.


After setting our bed up in Matilda we relaxed for a while.


As the sun set and a chill crept into the air we went into the hut and closed the door.


It was a very basic abode but when Jack lit the fire it soon warmed up.


I cooked toast over the flames to go with the baked beans I am heating in the saucepan.


Then it was time to relax with a glass of wine in front of the fire for a while.


As the fire died down to embers and the moon rose we went out to our comfortable bed in Matilda. Making sure we shut the door behind us…


In the year we travelled around Australia we stayed overnight in many different places, but this would be one of the highlights.


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37 thoughts on “Thursday Doors : Mountain Hut…

  1. What a fantastic little place!

  2. I can only imagine how many travelers have passed through that door over the years.
    I had no idea that huts there would be so rustic. It almost makes our network of back-country wilderness huts seem like luxury hotels.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Rustic is a very good way to describe them Norm. But I think a tramper in the middle of winter would think they were heaven.

  3. That is so neat! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. This looks like a heavenly camping spot: every time you post I’m amazed at the life you’ve led and the places you’ve been. Oh, and of course the splendid photos you’ve taken.

    • So many special places to camp around Australia and so many of them free, if you are prepared to rough it a little bit.

      • In the past we rarely camped in designated spots. We had two amazing caught-short nights in quarries in northern NSW: one offered amazing bird life and the other a profusion of wildflowers.

        • We really enjoyed freedom camping and especially in WA as the camps were in idyllic spots. Your 2 quarries sounded blissful.

  5. That looks like an amazing time! And I love that the door has so much character! 🙂

    • The scenery through the Snowy Mountains was spectacular and very special to spend the night in the hut.

  6. What a great spot and a great idea!

  7. That’s very interesting and so cool that they have these huts available to travelers. Of course, if one is expecting luxury, they might not appreciate it. I, on the other hand, would enjoy the fireplace and the wine.

  8. What a lovely place to find and camp at. It must hold some special memories for you…

    • That year of travel around Australia was a very special time and I have thousands of photos tucked away on the hard drive.

  9. What a gorgeous little piece of paradise you found there. I love that big old fireplace. I bet that was the best beans and toast you ever tasted.

  10. I’ve seen those huts, but never ventured inside one. What a great place! 🙂

  11. What a great system and hut! Did you sign the door? The last image is superb!

  12. How wonderful, we have such places here, but I don’t know what they’re like. The fire must have been a welcome treat, but I can see why you slept in Matilda.

  13. What wonderful memories you and Jack have to share. You are the lucky ones. I can’t imagine what it would be like to spend your entire life living in one place.

  14. What a cool little place to stay. It appears that the rules have been observed.

  15. Lovely post Pauline. What a welcoming door. This Aussie huts are a treasure.

  16. Great memories and warming photos! You really had a great time. We have finished our camping lives and nowadays stay more at hostels and B&B. Only with my students we rough it a bit again…But those were good old days with many memories…And with all your photos from that trip – you never will be out of work!

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