Thursday’s Special : Park…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 005_4000x3000

This week Paula has given us “park” as the theme. Now that might seem quite straight forward and I happily began looking through all the “parks” I have visited, and I have been to a lot of them. Or so I thought. Until I analysed them and I realised many of them where Botanic Gardens or National/wildlife areas. Still these can be classified as parks. Then I remembered this one in Townsville in tropical north Queensland. It has covered all the bases for me…

It had lovely lawn areas to sit and relax.

Queens Gardens Townsville 040_4000x3000

I know someone who took a bite to eat as he sat on a handy seat. (We had been on the road about 3 months and Jack has his travel hairstyle!!!)…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 033_4000x3000

Parks are also great places to see birds and they keep an eye out for people having lunch…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 040cropped

As well as lawns, parks often have extensive ponds and waterways. More birds and of course beautiful tropical lilies and lotus flowers…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 058_4000x3000

Townsville Palmetum pcsx40 147cropped_2092x1474

Being a tropical park there are lush, jungle-like tracks to explore…

Queens Gardens Townsville 090_4000x3000

Queens Gardens Townsville 093_4000x3000

And get lost in…

Queens Gardens Townsville 111_4000x3000

So this is my interpretation of your theme this week Paula. I hope you don’t mind that I have put more in than usual, but I loved this park and wanted to show more of it than one photo could.

If you would like to find out more about this park, and see more of my photos go here.


The ever creative Paula has added another dimension to her challenge, she has put in a voting system. So go here to see more parks and the opportunity to choose your favourite next Wednesday when the voting opens.

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24 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special : Park…

  1. What a very lovely park, Pauline. All those gorgeous birds, and what a fancy pants Jack is πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely lushness – including Jack’s beard! I think I’d like to go back to Townsville.

    • Townsville is a place transformed since they rebuilt the CBD. For years we always went straight past as it was under construction. But we were forced into an extended stay when Matilda broke down and spent 4 + weeks waiting for parts (long story) but we discovered Townsville and its lovely parks and gardens and much more. Well worth a visit.

      • My daughter lived there for a while, but I only made a brief visit and didn’t explore Townsville itself much, just the environs.

  3. haha, looking at Jack’s beard and hair he could almost have been living in that jungle for years!

  4. That’s a beard to be proud of, not everyone can grow one that good! This is more like a rain forest than a park, absolutely wonderful and the wading bird with the lotus flower hat is just so cute!

    • Around December children often mistake Jack for Santa Claus when we were travelling. That bird is called a Jesus bird because it walks on water. Did you notice its very big feet?

  5. Never mind the hairstyle, what about those trousers? I want ’em! (The birds and the flowers are quite good too). πŸ˜‰

  6. Such a show off, Pauline! Some of us could only muster a bit of blossom. 😦 😦
    Happy weekend, darlin’! πŸ™‚

  7. They are mesmerising. I love your photos, Pauline. They are bright and happy. My favourite is the fourth one from the top and I’d love to feature that one, but please tell me if you have another favourite – it is important to know cause of the slideshow that I’ll compile on Wednesday. xx

    • Thanks for your lovely comments Paula. I like that kookaburra one too but I think the last on of the big fig tree shows how different tropical parks are. But I will leave the final decision to you. You do a great job. I’ll be back on Wednesday to vote…

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  9. Too many fantastic photos to mention all of them. I like Jack’s beard, but also his red and white pants!! Never heard of a Jesus bird. The whole park was fascinating. What a great place. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Thanks for your lovely, encouraging comment Eileen. Tropical parks are quite different with all the lush vegetation. Jack always ends up looking like a wild man when we travel as he never shaves or gets a haircut and we were away over 3 months on that particular trip

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