Garden Photography Challenge : Wild Flowers

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 043_4000x3000

Last December we travelled along the “Waterfall Way” from Dubbo to Sydney and came across acres of these white daisies.

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 040_3000x4000

I discovered that they were Pyrethrum Daisies and in this area they were a commercial crop.

“Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd (BRA) is the Australian grower of over 60 % of the world’s pyrethrum, the botanical insecticide, and runs the most high-tech pyrethrum industry in the world.”

But many of them had escaped and now could be classed as weeds or wild flowers.

They were everywhere…

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 049_3000x4000

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 082_3000x4000

So I think they will be suitable for Jude’s “garden photo challenge” which this month is concentrating on wild flowers.

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26 thoughts on “Garden Photography Challenge : Wild Flowers

  1. These daisies are lovely, Pauline (I bet there are no bugs in those fields) 😉 The cross is amazing 😀

  2. I love daisies. We just planted some out back.

  3. I also like the cross and whole post – but the first two photos together are fantastic – the far away filed view – and then the second one on the angle – that is truly a special photo – to me at least and one of my favs of yours all time P – just love the angle and vibe…. but I wonder if I like it more because it follows photo #1 – hmmmm either way – nice wildflower post – and I hope to join in on the challenge later….

  4. I love daisies and this post has done them proud. I want a grave marker like that! And the fence post is a beauty too. I love your posts.

    • The Waterfall way is so scenic I loved that drive and would like to go back in autumn, actually that is almost over for this year.

  5. Daisies are so prolific aren’t they? Always beautiful. I’ve heard of pyrethrum daisies but didn’t make the connection.

  6. Love your daisy escapees – the cross and the fence post images are perfect, but I also love the wide expanse of the flowers in the fields. My lawn is covered in the tiny common daisies and I am very reluctant to mow them down.

    • Don’t forget to make some daisy chains before you mow them…I love to see a lawn covered in daisies.

      • Daisies gone – for now. I’m sure they will be back soon enough! Meanwhile I have a buttercup invasion at the back (I’m calling that my mini wild garden for now).

  7. Once I realized we were not going to be any good at farming, I declared our hundred acre wood a rock and weed sanctuary. The wild flowers were amazing and even the weeds made great dried arrangements. I found one vine with bright orange and purple flowers. I had never seen that combination in nature. Now I’ve seen tropical flowers like that, but this was middle Tennessee.
    In the middle of the woods there was a round clearing filled with daisies. Coming upon it by accident took my breath away. I love your daisies and the wooden cross. Nature’s beauty is amazing. I so enjoy all that you share that I would never see without your blog. Thank you.

    • Your farm sounds like a slice of rustic splendour Eileen. How long did you live on it? I was born in the city, but chose to live on farms from 18 years old. Till I was 40. Never thought I could live in a city again, but circumstances change and now I don’t think I could live back on a farm… Did you have photos of your farming years?

  8. Beautiful photos, Pauline.

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