Can you spare a dime…

Salamanca markets 058_3264x2448

This is winter in Hobart, Tasmania. It was cold and wet but at the Salamanca Markets these 3 buskers played jolly Irish jingles. The sound in complete contrast to what their body language was saying.

I think they were hoping someone could “spare a dime” as the Americans would say, or make a donation, or show some appreciation.

 The violin case lay hopefully open. Then this Mum and child walked by…

Salamanca markets 057_3264x2448

Thank you…


Krista asks us this week, get inspired by the many connotations of the word “spare.”

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15 thoughts on “Can you spare a dime…

  1. Looking at that photo makes me feel cold! Hopefully by the time they left a few people had given them their spare change if not more.

    • It was a bitterly cold day. I made a donation and they seemed to be getting the passing people dropping in coins. I think people felt a bit sorry for them, but they were good too.

  2. Hope they got more than just a dime.

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  4. I wonder what makes a bunch of young people like these go busking in the cold and wet.

  5. LOL, they really don’t look very jolly do they?!?!? Clever response to the challenge!

  6. I have the greatest respect for buskers – what a determined and talented bunch they are 😀

  7. The musicians always add to the atmosphere at Salamanca. Nice take on the prompt, Pauline.

  8. Great post combined with the photos. I could feel their chilled bones looking at them. And the mom and child photo was a delightful and hopeful contrast.

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