Garden Photography Challenge : Wild Flowers

Heigh point 145_3072x2304

 Australia is a relatively flat continent and the Snowy Mountain Range, in New South Wales, is the highest mountain range in the country. The highest peak is Mount Kosciuszko, it reaches to a height of 2,228 m (7,310 ft) above sea level.

It was February 2011, on our circuit of Australia, that our trusty old camper van, Matilda, slowly took us up and over this very impressive and steep climb. It looked as though snow was coating the far hills. But it is summer and that is the result of the devastating 2006 bushfires that ravaged over one million hectares of high country. One of the worst bushfire seasons on record, the fires raged for 69 days. 70 individual fires, caused by lightning strikes eventually merged to cause an enormous uncontrollable wildfire.

high country-2_3264x2448

It is now 5 years since the fires and the snow gums are stark and skeleton like stretching into the distance. But look closer and there are signs of life.

Mt Hotham pc 085

Regrowth is starting from the base of these snow gums. Many Australian species are well adapted to fire and can survive, but it will take time.

Meanwhile the wild flowers have taken the opportunity to take over the empty spaces.

high country-3_3264x2448

high country-5_3264x2448

If you look carefully you can see the winding road that we came up. This area has stronger regrowth. Maybe a different type of faster growing vegetation

high country-4_3264x2448

This is the last week of May and so ends the “wild flower” theme. I could go on for ever with this theme. But next month it is “the essence of summer”. This will certainly be a memory jogger for me as we move into winter down under. But then our winters are often as perfect as Northern summers!!!

It is well worth going over to Jude’s “earth laughs in flowers” to see the glorious wild flowers from all around the world. Maybe you have some you could show us…

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15 thoughts on “Garden Photography Challenge : Wild Flowers

  1. Oh, those wonderful ranges and clouds!

  2. so sad to see the destruction from fire, but so life affirming to see regrowth. Beautiful flowers

    • I hope they don’t have any more fires for some time and give the regrowth time to get established

  3. What a beautiful valley Pauline!

  4. I remember that fire, Pauline – I was in Canberra at the time. It was very scary. It’s so good to see that regrowth 😀

  5. These are all such excellent photos PP. Love the mountains and the flowers and the gum trees. I have been fortunate to visit this part of your country too, and loved it – though my visit was before the fires and in summer time and it was all very green.

  6. Beautiful landscapes and superb shots!!

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