Garden Photography Challenge : The Essence of Summer…

This weekend winter arrived in Queensland, Australia.

Torrential rain, 90km/hr winds and the temperature plummeted to 19c degrees. Now that may be balmy in the Northern hemisphere but down under, after an endless summer of 25-30 degrees, it meant dragging out the winter woollies.

This month the theme Jude (Earth laughs in flowers) has chosen is “the essence of summer

“This month I want to see what summer means to you. Still focussing on the garden or parkland let your photographs tell me your story of summer-time wherever in the world you live. “

So I have travelled back in my memory to a perfect summer I spent in Adelaide and visited the Adelaide International Rose Garden.

The Adelaide International Rose Garden takes visitors on a heady journey that’s a delight to the senses. As you wander the garden you’re drawn through a series of colourful spaces, each cleverly revealing a rose collection from a different style of garden.

The garden displays over 2,500 roses, including areas devoted to Australian bred roses, single roses, heritage roses and pillar roses. A walkway in the garden highlights roses selected for specific Australian causes (Olympic Gold, The Children’s Rose). Mixed companion plantings add lots of seasonal colour.

Together with the National Rose Trial Garden – which began in 1996 to help the rose industry establish which roses not yet for sale in Australia are best suited to our climate – the International Rose Garden is a great favourite with national and international rose lovers alike.



Roses are one of my favourite flowers and, unfortunately, I cannot grow them in this sub-tropical climate. There are species bred for this climate, but they are hard work. The humidity attracts all kinds of bugs and viruses meaning constant spraying and pampering to survive and thrive. So I love visiting rose gardens when I am travelling.


It is 10 years since I visited these gardens so this is a 10 year younger me…

Thank you Jude, it has been an enjoyable browse back through my archives. I can almost smell the roses.

Jude has also chosen rose for her post this week. Pop over to see more summer scenes. 

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13 thoughts on “Garden Photography Challenge : The Essence of Summer…

  1. Exquisite flowers and wonderful photos. Loved this. Hope those storms are not destructive in your part of the world.

    • Lots of rain, which was badly needed for the garden, but no destruction here. Further south have had it bad though.

  2. Oh I can smell the heady scent! Perfectly lovely!

  3. What a gorgeous place Pauline. I’m surprised they don’t grow easily for you, I’ve seen them in some vey hot places, Morocco and Turkey for instance.

    • It is our very high humidity that they hate Gilly. They can be grown but they need lots of spraying and never do so well here. I grew them in NZ and I miss having them.

  4. Aren’t they fabulous? Especially Jack and the Giant Rose! Give him my love, I hope he is enjoying his blogging break and his painting. Roses are hard work – the reason I gave up on the hedge I had in my garden previously and replaced it with low-growing conifers. Fed-up of spraying, pruning etc. but the conifers never smelled the same 😉

  5. beautiful

  6. I glad you escaped the worst of the storms, Pauline. I love the roses! I can just about smell them from here 😀

    • I was pleased to get the rain and now it is sunny and 26deg, I’ve put my shorts back on and am going into the garden after lunch.

  7. Just found this at Jude’s place, Pauline. It’s beautiful! Mam adored roses and I have a certain weakness for them myself. We had 2 lovely Summer days this week. That might be it! 🙂 🙂 We went to our local rose garden and to lovely Raby Castle. Not many roses out yet but the irises were fabulous. Hugs to you two! 🙂 🙂

    • My Mam was a rose lover too, and I remember my Dad grew roses in our small garden for her. My Dad was a great gardener, that must be were I got my love of nature from…

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