Garden Photography Challenge : Tropical Summer…

Last week I reminisced about my English past and the roses that brought the “essence of summer” to mind from that bygone era.

This week I am  back in the present and what the “essence of summer” means to me now. I live in the sub-tropical area of South-East Queensland and the summers are hot and humid. The flowers and foliage are vivid, dazzling, showy even flashy. Demanding attention they flaunt and show off often surrounded by luscious tropical greenery. So here is a gallery of some of my favourites.



In the northern hemisphere it is mid-summer. Maybe the sun is shining, hopefully the flowers are flowering. But down under, in Australia, it is now winter in this topsy-turvy world, but our sun is still shining, well most days. So I have to go back to December, January and February to find these signs of summer. As Jude (Earth laughs in flowers)  says:

“This month I want to see what summer means to you. Still focussing on the garden or parkland let your photographs tell me your story of summer-time wherever in the world you live.”

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18 thoughts on “Garden Photography Challenge : Tropical Summer…

  1. Marvellous display, Pauline….flashy, florid and even funky!

  2. the bird of paradise is a longtime fav, but here In Canada, they are brought in, interestingly over the week-end I spied an arrangement with one single bird surrounded by “other” flowers.. The stem though striking as always, paled in comparision to the picture you’ve shown .. sigh… I can’t recall, are they fragrant??

    • No scent, the birds are just all flashy colour and form. Quite spectacular when flowering en-masse.

  3. Wonderful display from your part of the world! I am so happy to have recognized the Banksia! Saw it in New Zealand and I think it was Amanda who told me the name.I hope you enjoy your winter as well!

    • Thanks Leya we are having a good winter, rain and not too cold, yet… (but not cold as you know it!!!)

  4. Our flowers are definitely flashy and showy, Pauline. This is a fabulous arrangement! 😉

  5. A wonderful summer gallery.

  6. Nice post Pauline, Aussie summer flowers, following on from your previous English flowers. There are some stunning Aussie blooms here.

  7. Your flowers are most definitely not insignificant. Show offs the lot of them! Love the lotus flower and the ‘lobster claws’. I suspect your winter garden isn’t much different 🙂

  8. Stunning pictures! I have a thing for flowers, just the look of them makes me feel better☺️☺️

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