Thursday’s Special : Here and There

A tricky challenge from Paula this week, “here and there”. How can we be here and there at the same time and what photo can I use to show this.

Well I’ve slept on it, I hope you don’t mind Paula, but I have twisted it a bit…

So here is my interpretation…

Here it is…

How to hold boomerang

How to hold boomerang

There it goes…

boomerangw paul clancy 006_edited-1_3072x2304

and here it is again…

A few years ago Paul Clancy would come down to Burleigh Beach to demonstrate and sell boomerangs he had made. Jack bought one and Paul gave him some lessons. Jack made this shaky video of Paul in action. Believe me it is a very difficult art to throw one correctly, but more importantly, to have it come back and then catch it.

We took the boomerangs to the grandchildren and they had some fun, until it sailed into the top of a very high tree and as far as I know it is still there…


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14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special : Here and There

  1. Pauline, thank you. I have never even seen one in person. I’ll come back later to see the video. Nice to see you back.

  2. Hey P – love how you gave use the close up of the Boomerang to the right 0 then the father back and then the vid….
    very cool – and our friends took a trip in the 90’s and gave us boomerangs – never could quite get it going…
    and cool to see that guy do it…

  3. Love it!

  4. Pauline this is just brilliant 😀

  5. Excellent, Pauline! I’ve thrown a boomerang, but never managed to catch it 😀

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