Wordless Wednesday : Up, Up and Away…

Mungo brush senic drive 152_2304x3072

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19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : Up, Up and Away…

  1. What a big fellow – or girl. Wonder what it’s just eaten? Aren’t they beautifully patterned?

    • He/she was in a freedom camp ground. We were the only ones staying there and I think it had been scavenging around the camp fires. They certainly are beautiful

  2. anglogermantranslations

    Am I the only reader not knowing the name of this creature with the mighty tail?

  3. ok what is that on the tree, alligator, crocodile?? where was this???? no the snout is too small, a big lizzard

    • Yes it is a big lizard, known as a goanna, an Australian monitor lizard. They are quite shy and will run away from you, in this case he zapped up that tree very quickly

  4. Oh my what a Beauty lovely patterns.
    Great picture x

    • Thanks Sheila he is lovely to look at, but he has very long claws so kept my distance when taking the photos

  5. Goodness! What a beast!

  6. is it a monitor lizard? it looks way too big to climb a tree!

    • Spot on, that is a Goanna and is an Australian monitor lizard Gilly. Though quite big he climbed that tree very quickly when he saw us. Those long claws helped him grip.

  7. He’s gorgeous!

    • I stopped blogging for about a year. Then when I started again I created a new blog as I don’t travel long distance now a days, just short jaunts and close to home. The new blog is retiredfromgypsylife.wordpress.com

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