Thursday Doors : The outback pub in a Ghost Town

north of Kalgoolie pc 012_2448x3264

Along a red, dusty road in the outback of Western Australia this door leads into the tavern. It is all that remains of the town of Broad Arrow. A simple corrugated iron shack.

The town was gazetted in 1896, and at its peak during the gold rush, it had 15,000 residents, eight hotels, a soft drink factory, two breweries, a hospital and a stock exchange. By the mid 1920s the rush was over and the town was virtually abandoned.

The walls are covered in names and messages, some recent and some dating back to the early 1900’s.

Come inside…

north of Kalgoolie pc 013_3264x2448

It’s rather dim and gloomy but it still serves beers and a basic roast meal if you are hungry and it offers accommodation. But, thankfully, we had our own travelling accommodation with us.


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing it, between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time) 

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31 thoughts on “Thursday Doors : The outback pub in a Ghost Town

  1. nice jukebox, old it is, memories it has, thank you for visiting anf sharing, It is sad when we see what was, and then know what is. However, you got to move on,the people there, stay, and adapt. great capture..

    • The jukebox had lots of old favourites too.Once the gold had gone there was no reason for people to stay.

  2. interesting piece of history.

  3. The tavern may be all that remains but what a history is contained on its walls.

  4. that’s an awful lot of messages!

  5. My goodness what a fascinating place you’ve found again this week. Well done 🙂
    So, did you add a little message of your own to the walls while you were there?

  6. Wow, what a great find, Pauline!

  7. Looks like one of those places that feature in scary Aussie movies…

  8. Great shots and I love that jukebox.

  9. Oh my goodness – the signatures and writing had me looking and looking – wonder what the hey day (gold) days were like….
    Still thinking of the Fiona name – not sure why! Hah!

    • Those days would’ve been very hard for the women back then.

      • Yes indeed – whew! And once in a while i press start on the washing machine or dishwasher and really do feel grateful for much tech and over thugs we have these days

  10. There are lots of belly up towns here in the West for the same reason. Once the gold was gone the people left. 🙂

    Did you add your names to the walls?

    • Yes we managed to find a very small space to leave our names. The barman even supplied a felt tip pen…

  11. Well it’s totally unique Pauline, did you try the roast?

  12. Loved seeing this. I think I’d have enjoyed a beer there – but like you, would rather stay somewhere else!

  13. Wow that is very interesting and still serves A beer. aia just love the Juke Box.
    Great find Pauline x

  14. Wow, what a find!

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