Weekly Photo Challenge : Up on high.

Be careful walking under the she oak trees when they are full of nuts. They are also full of Galahs tucking in and dropping the shells on unsuspecting passers-by who do not look up…

galah 8_2448x3264

Notice how spiky those nuts are?

galah 7_2448x3264

Galahs are very cheeky, I think he is grinning, he has just scored a bull’s-eye on a tourist!!!

Of course one of the most beautiful sights to be seen when you look up is the ever-changing sky.


Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up.

There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day.

Rachel Boston


So many people walk around with their eyes downcast.

This week Nancy tells us to look up.

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28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Up on high.

  1. An now your drinks and your food can be spiked…

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  3. That bird definitely looks like he’s do it on purpose!

    • They do make good pets and can be taught to talk. Jack has always wanted one, or a sulphur crested cockatoo.

  4. Lovely shots.

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  7. Your pretty galah matches the sunset 🙂 And so many people walk around looking at their phones these days, I am surprised they notice anything going on around them. No-one people watches in cafés either, just sitting there fiddling with their gadgets. Often not even conversing with the person they are with! Technology is great in lots of ways, but I’m not convinced it has been a good thing for the art of conversation. Have a good rest of the weekend PP. xx

  8. Cute and mischievous birds. Nice photos Pauline.

  9. As always: interesting, funny and beautiful. Thanks.

  10. I love this. So gorgeous. So very cute!
    Beautiful photography.


  11. The bird portraits are marvelous and so is the sunset. How are you Pauline? Are you blogging somewhere else?

    • G’day Paula good to hear from you. I am having some time out from blogging I have other things I want to explore for a while. Hope all is ok with you.

  12. Gosh they are gorgeous birds and they match the sky! Glorious. I miss you and Jack, but just read your comment above and understand. All good wishes and happy memories of our time together to you and Jack.

  13. I keep thinking about you and Jack, and how much you inspire me.

  14. How lovely to hear from you Cindy, we are both keeping well and very busy. I keep intending to start blogging again, but time is of the essence. I will pop over to see what you are doing. I’m thinking you are still travelling and POSTING all your beautiful photos

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