Breaking and falling news.

It is pouring with rain and it is forecast to last till Tuesday.

After almost 3 months I’m ecstatic, the garden is loving it.

Now I can really get into redesigning my garden…

watch this space

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15 thoughts on “RAIN…..

  1. Kim & Deidre Tronson

    Remind me what “rain” looks like again???!!!!! Anyway, very glad for you. They are predicting a few mm here, maybe.

    • Had a good soaking over night and it is now cooled down so I am going to spend all today out there, I’m putting in a new native border. Watch this spot…

  2. I wish ours would go away! Happy gardening 🙂

    • his morning the weather has cooled down the garden is well watered and I am going to spend the day out there…

  3. Pommepal! When did you return to blogging? Great to see you here

  4. Keeping fit working in the garden….

  5. We need rain too, desperately!

  6. How wonderful to have a good soaking rain! We need rain here…

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