Can you spare a dime…

Salamanca markets 058_3264x2448

This is winter in Hobart, Tasmania. It was cold and wet but at the Salamanca Markets these 3 buskers played jolly Irish jingles. The sound in complete contrast to what their body language was saying.

I think they were hoping someone could “spare a dime” as the Americans would say, or make a donation, or show some appreciation.

 The violin case lay hopefully open. Then this Mum and child walked by…

Salamanca markets 057_3264x2448

Thank you…


Krista asks us this week, get inspired by the many connotations of the word “spare.”

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Bench Series : October

red bus tour 002_4000x3000

I love autumn but in my home town of Gold Coast I miss all the glory of the changing seasons, it is sub tropical here so do not have deciduous trees. So in 2013 we house sat in Hobart, Tasmania for 8 weeks during autumn/winter. I revelled in the colour. One of the highlights was taking the hop-on hop-off bus around the highlights of historic Hobart. (You may like to come with me for a ride, click this link)

Because it is autumn in the northern hemisphere and I am enjoying the autumn leaves through the many photos of my blogging buddies I have decided to add this photo of autumn in Hobart and the red bus driver waiting for his passengers.


Jude of Travel Words is hosting a popular “bench series”. Pop over to see all the different benches from around the world. You may like to join in.

For the month of October Jude is looking for a bench with someone or something sitting on it.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Street Life

Salamanca markets 068_2822x2156


Buskers are a part of street life. They give a vibe and a happy atmosphere to any area they perform in.

Last Autumn we were in Hobart, Tasmania. Most days the weather was perfect, (see more posts here) but the day we chose to go to Salamanca Markets (see that post here) it rained. It hadn’t put people off, the markets were crowded. They are known as the biggest and best in Australia.

I was drawn toward the cheerful drone of the bagpipes and the beat of the drum.

Salamanca markets 019_2448x3264

Salamanca markets 021_3264x2448

Salamanca markets 029_3264x2448

The rain did not stop them.

Salamanca markets 058_3264x2448

How cold and wet they look, but the Irish jig music they were playing was a cheerful sound.

Salamanca markets 057_3264x2448

I’m sure they appreciated this little girl’s donation.

Street life can be interpreted in many ways, go to Word Press to see hundreds of  street life scenes from around the world
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Light

Heavenly light

Heavenly light

The light from above

The light from above

Without light to nurture all living things the beauty would fade and die. Normally light is not visible. It surrounds us invisibly and we accept it with out thought.

I will always remember this vision as I walked through the tropical glasshouses in Adelaide and the sprinklers turned on. I stopped, spellbound as the air glistened and shimmered with the sun cascading through the mist. An unforgettable sight.


Then there is the man-made beauty that we surround ourselves with.

This is Hobart Town Hall, the venue for the Autumn Flower Show. The crisp blue and white decor with the sparkling of the chandeliers created a perfect back drop for the exquisite display of blooms.



I’m sure hundreds of bloggers will see the light in this challenge and I look forward to browsing through them. Go here to see the light


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Horizons

My memory of Hobart will be dominated by the back drop of Mount Wellington. We woke in the morning and looked out of the window at the mountain, to see what the weather would be that day. The drive to the top of the mountain gave a magnificent view of the city nestled far below.

So for the this weeks photo challenge “HORIZON” I will take you to the top of Mount Wellington to gaze far across the city and over the Derwent River to the distant horizon.

The view across the Derwent River

The view across the Derwent River

From further down the slopes of Mount Wellington the horizon became a palette of misty blues receding into the aerial perspective of the distance

From further down the slopes of Mount Wellington the horizon became a palette of misty blues receding into the aerial perspective of the distance


Another horizon that will stay in my memory forever is the horizons of the South Island of New Zealand. Dominated by the splendour of the Southern Alps and often reflected in azure blue lakes. When Aotearoa, the “Land of the Long White Cloud” lifts her skirt of cloud to show you the splendour that is the mountains it is breath-taking. Photos can never do justice to this scenery, but I try to capture it.

The Alps reflected in Lake Matheson

The Alps reflected in Lake Matheson

Clean, green New Zealand

Clean, green New Zealand

When winter is looming and snow sprinkles the mountain peaks the mist envelopes you and the horizon shrinks between the valleys and mist.

When winter is looming and snow sprinkles the mountain peaks the mist envelopes you and the horizon shrinks between the valleys and mist

This last misty photo was taken on the way to Milford Sound in New Zealand. If you would like to come for a trip with me to visit the magnificent misty scenery of the Milford Sounds click here. : http://pommepal.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/southern-alps-first-snow-of-the-season


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A Word a Week : Ornate

Wintersun Coolangatta

A car with attitude

A car with attitude

Each year, in Coolangatta, on the first weekend in June a nostalgia festival  focussing on the 1950’s and 60’s features rock and roll music, classic and hot rod cars . Bands rock on and people dance in the streets. Hundreds of immaculate cars line up along the Esplanade for inspection. Most years the sun beams on the festivities. It was called “Wintersun Festival”, now it is known as “Cooly Rocks On”. But what ever the name it is a fun day out in the sun. The cars, especially the hot-rods, are a tribute to the hours of dedicated work the owners have put into them. This is just one of those cars with all the ornate paint-work.


Hobart Town Hall

Hobart Town Hall

The ornate decor inside the Hobart Town Hall was a beautiful back drop to the magnificent blooms in the Autumn Flower Show. (click here to visit the flower show again)




The Asian countries older buildings are works of art. The ornate details and vibrant colours are a delight for photography.




Not as ornate as some Asian buildings but it is the colour scheme that catches the eye in this building.


Thanks Sue for keeping this challenge going each week your dictionary gives us interesting words and a good excuse (if one is needed) to wander through the memories that old photos bring back. Click here to see more ornate posts from around the world.

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Time out for art : Week 4

This week Lisa from “Zeebra Designs & Destinations” has discussed concentration in relation to art. I agree, to try to reproduce, as a pencil sketch, or any other medium, what you are looking at needs intense concentration. I have realised this over the past few weeks that I have joined Lisa’s “Time out for art” group.

(click on this link to see more examples from artists taking part in this project)

This week winter arrived. The skies are grey, the wind is chilly and at last the long-awaited rain arrived to soak the gardens and give the plants the reviving moisture they need.

Not weather for drawing outside, so looking around I decided to stay indoors, in comfort, to sketch the lounge chairs.

Not easy, they had many different angles and the perspective was a challenge. It required great concentration and almost 2 hours to complete. That is Tessa curled up on the chair. I must admit she looks like a hedgehog the way I have drawn her. I took a photo after I finished the drawing to compare the results and have a record for future reference.

Sketch of the lounge chairs

Sketch of the lounge chairs

Photo taken after I finished the drawing. Tessa looked up for the photo

Photo taken after I finished the drawing. Tessa looked up for the photo


I have put them in side by side to be able to compare the art with the photo taken after I had finished the drawing.

What  do I mean by concentration?

I mean focusing totally on the business at hand

and  commanding your body to do exactly what you want it to do.

Arnold  Palmer 

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Lingering Look at Windows : Decorative surrounds

In Colonial times the widows were not just a square hole used to look out or in to a building, they had endless decorations, artistic surrounds, stone trims. I do not know the correct term for these adornments but they give the buildings style and beauty.

Hobart is a living museum of this Georgian architecture. I gaze up admiring the artistry of the master stone masons of a bygone era. The buildings stand tall and proud a magnet for my camera.

So this week I will showcase these stone surroundings of the windows in central Hobart.

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Timeout for Art : Week 3

Lisa of “Design and Destination” has challenged us to make time each week to create a pencil sketch. Lisa is a great inspiration, do click on the link to see the amazing project she is involved in and the people she is helping and inspiring in  a painting project in Ecuador.

Now Lisa’s motto is “an artist’s eyes never sleep” and I am finding, even though I do not class myself as an artist, I am now looking for some thing that I may be able to sketch. Some thing that is not too complicated, that stays still and that will be with in my capabilities as a learner.

Well this week as I took the dogs for a walk I passed this old church. It was nestled in among houses. It had a charm and simplicity that really appealed to me and I decided I would go back later to try to draw it.

It was not easy, but this is what I produced…

St Marks Chapel of Ease

St Marks Chapel of Ease

Then I compared what I thought I had seen and drawn to what the camera captured.

Mmmmmm. Well.

The cute little church I had drawn was a very fore-shortened version of the real thing. The proportions and perspective I had drawn just were not the same as in the photo.

So here is the photo for comparison.

St Marks Church

St Marks Church

So I decided to have another go, but this time I would draw from the photo.

Well I think I am a bit nearer to the real thing but I did not feel so much satisfaction drawing from the photo as I did standing in front of the church and next to the 1826 year old grave stone. I think the ambience and atmosphere was missing when I sat in front of the computer.

St Marks Church drawn from the photo

St Marks Church drawn from the photo

You’ll notice I have taken some artistic licence leaving out the drain pipe.

St Marks church


This description, written so many years ago, paints a picture in my mind of how it was back then. The gum trees are long gone and the quaint little church is surrounded by modern day houses and used as a scout hall, but as I stood drawing it I could visualize the gum trees and hear the cracked bell. Drawing it gave me a great deal of satisfaction.

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Lingering Look at Windows : Hobart CBD

I find the windows around Hobart to be endlessly fascinating. The colonial and Georgian style have so much character and of course the convict builders using very basic tools add their stamp to the buildings around here.

So here is another gallery of windows from the CBD area…


Each week on Thursday Dawn of “the day after” asks that we post photos of windows we have come across. Having this weekly challenge opens your eyes to the amazing type and style of windows you can find. See what you can find, you may like to show them off in this challenge.

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