Jacaranda time again

jacaranda lr-3_2033x1525The glorious purple haze of the Jacaranda are once more bursting out with exuberance. Reminding me that it is just a year since I achieved a long-held dream to visit Grafton at Jacaranda festival time.

I did mention the visit just as I shut off for a year. I did say I would post about the experience soon!!!

(See that promise here …. )

The world-renowned Jacaranda Festival is held annually in Grafton, Northern Rivers New South Wales, from the last weekend in October to the first weekend in November.

Inaugurated in 1934, this was the first of Australia’s folk festivals and celebrates the magnificent spectacle of the hundreds of lilac-blossomed trees that grow in Grafton’s broad tree lined avenues. Henry Volkers introduced the first Jacaranda trees to Grafton and each year the trees are celebrated, although it has changed over the years to adapt to today’s society, this traditional event is still widely celebrated within the town.

The oldest floral festival still celebrated in Australia, was first appreciated in a much different way. It was one of the few means of entertainment to look forward to. So when Jacaranda time rolled around, the town was in high spirits. Even during the difficult times of WWII, this festival had a way of uplifting the community and giving them something wonderful to celebrate.

Grafton jacarandas 083_4000x3000Finally I was to see this wonderful display. A dream come true. We stayed in a delightful Airbnb farm cottage just on the outskirts of town and for 3 days I was able to immerse myself in the sight of these majestic trees.

Grafton jacarandas 048_4000x3000Of course we took LOTS of photos…

We came across a vintage car display. I liked how the splashes of red/orange stood out under the purple canopy. A good combo colour idea for art I thought…

Grafton jacarandas 065_4000x3000 I took this photo as I really liked the lovely old Queenslander with the picket fence framed by the purple Jacaranda. The falling blossoms make a beautiful carpet. I must draw or paint that I thought. But of course I haven’t, yet…

Grafton jacarandas 059_3000x4000Another great colour combination.

Grafton jacarandas 054_4000x3000Did you know there are white Jacarandas? I didn’t till I saw these. I looked them up and discovered they are quite rare, the Jacaranda is indigenous to South America.

Grafton jacarandas 091_3000x4000

I took so many photos but I think this was my favourite.

Grafton jacarandas 106_4000x3000After a satisfying day it was a pleasure to sit on the veranda of the farm cottage and watch the sun set over the  Clarence River.

Grafton jacarandas 116_4000x3000Golden hour. (This has not been photo shopped…)

Grafton jacarandas 124_4000x3000Grafton jacarandas 126_4000x3000The sunset reflects the colours I have been seeing all day.

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