Michelle’s weekly pet challenge

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge : Fun in the Sun

Would you like this dance?

Would you like this dance?


Fetch it Henry

Fetch it Henry


Here I come...

Here I come…

More house sitting dogs. We are in Hobart this time looking after Henry and Tessa for 3 months.





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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge : More House Sitting Pets

Thunder is a Cavoodle, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. He was an adorable little dog. He looks so sad in his photos but he was a bundle of energy.

J’adore, the Burmese cat, is the boss and she had to be shut in the pantry with her dinner because she would gobble her meal then rush over to Thunders dish and push him to one side and devour his dinner too. She was a big solid cat and had to have a special diet.

We house sat twice for this family.

Michelle has a weekly challenge for us to show you the animals we have met. Click here or on the logo to visit her site and see more adorable animals.

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet challenge : For the love of a horse

Horse loves Jack

Could not resist showing you this photo. This horse came over to “talk” to Jack and give him a big kiss…


PetchallengeMichelle invites us to share our pet photos , it can be any type of animal

even the neighbours, or a wild animal.

So this week I am showing you this lovely horse that befriended us at one

of the free campgrounds we stayed at.

Click here or on the logo to see more beautiful pet photos.

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Our Magpie Family

Breakfast with the family

Breakfast with the family

Making sure they all get a feed

Making sure they all get a feed. You can see all the babies are squawking, “My turn, my turn”


They all love Jack

They all love Jack

This is a story that goes back to 1998 when we moved to Australia and bought a house in Queensland. A magpie would visit each morning and we called him Andy. After a while he brought along his partner and we called her Ladybird. Andy was a very gentle bird he would wait till Ladybird had her feed from Jack’s hand then carefully take what Jack offered him.

On rainy days they would shelter on the deck and serenade us with the most beautiful, vibrant song and then make soft warbling sounds in the back of their throat. It is the sound of the Aussie bush, we loved it.

As time went by they had babies and would bring them along to introduce them to us. Most years they had two or three but in 2007 they had 5 babies, (count them in the top photo).

The next year Andy disappeared. We were very sad.

Ladybird continued to come on her own for a while, then one day she brought along a new partner. A large, brash, younger looking bird that we called Toyboy. He was the opposite to gentle Andy, pushing Ladybird out-of-the-way and helping himself to most of the food. When their babies came along they inherited their father’s temperament, being quarrelsome and picking on each other.

After a few months they all stopped visiting us and we never saw them again and shortly after we set off on our round Australia trip.

Whenever I hear the song of the magpie it reminds me of the time we had a beautiful wild bird as our friend.




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Michelles Weekly Pet Challenge : The Majestic Maremma



After looking after the house in Cairns and the delightful Rim and Ginger Cat we moved south to Gympie for the next house sitting assignment.

This was a totally different type of dog to look after. Manky Dan is a Maremma. The Maremma Sheepdog is a massive, noble, distinctive-looking dog and  is said to be aloof, independent and protective of its family and territory. The breed was developed to protect herds of sheep and most will bond quickly with the designated flock.

He is a majestic dog, but aloof and wary of strangers. We arrived a week in advance of the owners leaving so that they could introduce us to Dan and let him know that we were going to be part of his family. I had to always be on my guard around him and let him know that I was the boss. This was not a dog to be cuddled and played with. He was a challenge but I came to respect and enjoy his company.

Manky Dan

Manky Dan



Dan lived outside and spent most of his day under the house catching the cool breeze. His hair was silky and very thick with a dense undercoat as the breed came from the Italian Alps area.

The other member of the house-hold was Jeanie, an old cross-bred grey hound. She had just had a major operation to remove a tumour on her shoulder and needed lots of care and attention. She lived inside all the time. Being nervous and shy her temperament was totally opposite to Dan’s. She did make a full recovery.



House sitting is becoming a very interesting way of life for us. I never know what will be next.


Thanks Michelle for hosting this challenge, it gives me an opportunity to revisit the assorted pets I have looked after.

Visit Michelle’s blog to meet many other delightful pets

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge : Week 6

I have just discovered a new challenge. Well not really new as this is its 6th week, but it is new on my horizon.

I am a farming girl at heart and love all animals but made the decision not to have any pets when we started travelling on long trips.

I miss having the company of a devoted pet (I know, Jack tells me I shouldn’t miss them as I have him…) but I have discovered a compromise, it is house sitting.

We look after people’s houses and pets while they are on holiday. It is a win-win situation. We get to stay in interesting homes and places with adorable pets The home owners get us…

We discovered the “house carers” site in 2010 and the first house sit we did was at the delightful Trinity Beach just north of Cairns

So for this first pet post I would like to introduce you to Rimfire, a bouncy, energetic Jack Russell Terrier, and his aloof companion, Ginger Cat.



Ginger Cat

Ginger Cat he always had the best seat in the house…


Confrontation, I think you can guess who won, look at Rim's expression...

Confrontation, I think you can guess who won, look at Rim’s expression…


I fell in love with these two and we looked after them for three weeks.

Michelle has a large following of pet people introducing you to their cute fur babies so click on the image below and pop over to say “hi” to them.



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