Thursdays special

Thursday Special : Mirroring…

Burleigh Beach

It’s summer, surf’s up and time spent with friends is priceless at Burleigh Beach

Sacred cows reflected in still waters in India

Sacred cows mirrored in still waters in India

to twizel jc 442_4000x3000

Queenstown, New Zealand botanic gardens

Southern Alps New Zealand

Southern Alps New Zealand

It is the reflections mirrored  in water that often catch my eye. So when Paula challenged us with the theme “mirroring” I came up with a gallery of random images I have captured  during my travels and of course at my beach…

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Thursday’s Special : Here and There

A tricky challenge from Paula this week, “here and there”. How can we be here and there at the same time and what photo can I use to show this.

Well I’ve slept on it, I hope you don’t mind Paula, but I have twisted it a bit…

So here is my interpretation…

Here it is…

How to hold boomerang

How to hold boomerang

There it goes…

boomerangw paul clancy 006_edited-1_3072x2304

and here it is again…

A few years ago Paul Clancy would come down to Burleigh Beach to demonstrate and sell boomerangs he had made. Jack bought one and Paul gave him some lessons. Jack made this shaky video of Paul in action. Believe me it is a very difficult art to throw one correctly, but more importantly, to have it come back and then catch it.

We took the boomerangs to the grandchildren and they had some fun, until it sailed into the top of a very high tree and as far as I know it is still there…


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Thursday’s Special : Pick a Word…

Hastings Point wild ocean sunrise Burleigh Beach feb 14 pc SX40 127

Restlessness : never at rest; perpetually agitated or in motion:


Paula (lost in translation) has given us a new challenge this week…

“I’m starting something new today. I’m giving you five unrelated words that are neither synonyms nor antonyms. Pick one and depict it in photo(s).”

  • Turbidity

  • Restlessness

  • Transience

  • Prolific

  • Decrepit

All are interesting words and I could choose any one of them, but because I live near the ocean and love its restless, ever-changing character I have chosen “restlessness” for my word of the week.

Which one would you choose?

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Drosera capensis sun dew

Drosera capensis sun dew

Happiness is hard to recall.

Its just a glow.

Frank McCourt


I could not resist adding this to Paula’s “Thursday Special” which this week is “glow”

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Thursday’s Special : Park…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 005_4000x3000

This week Paula has given us “park” as the theme. Now that might seem quite straight forward and I happily began looking through all the “parks” I have visited, and I have been to a lot of them. Or so I thought. Until I analysed them and I realised many of them where Botanic Gardens or National/wildlife areas. Still these can be classified as parks. Then I remembered this one in Townsville in tropical north Queensland. It has covered all the bases for me…

It had lovely lawn areas to sit and relax.

Queens Gardens Townsville 040_4000x3000

I know someone who took a bite to eat as he sat on a handy seat. (We had been on the road about 3 months and Jack has his travel hairstyle!!!)…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 033_4000x3000

Parks are also great places to see birds and they keep an eye out for people having lunch…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 040cropped

As well as lawns, parks often have extensive ponds and waterways. More birds and of course beautiful tropical lilies and lotus flowers…

Anderson botanic gardens Townsville pc sx40 058_4000x3000

Townsville Palmetum pcsx40 147cropped_2092x1474

Being a tropical park there are lush, jungle-like tracks to explore…

Queens Gardens Townsville 090_4000x3000

Queens Gardens Townsville 093_4000x3000

And get lost in…

Queens Gardens Townsville 111_4000x3000

So this is my interpretation of your theme this week Paula. I hope you don’t mind that I have put more in than usual, but I loved this park and wanted to show more of it than one photo could.

If you would like to find out more about this park, and see more of my photos go here.


The ever creative Paula has added another dimension to her challenge, she has put in a voting system. So go here to see more parks and the opportunity to choose your favourite next Wednesday when the voting opens.

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Here it is Wednesday already so I have just managed to squeeze in a post for Paula’s “Thursday Special”.

The theme is “inflated” and on Saturday when I walked around Southbank in Brisbane ( if you would like to take a virtual walk with me follow this link) I noticed this balloon seller. His balloons made a colourful show all inflated and waiting to catch the eye of a child or two. But he looks quite deflated as no one was taking any notice of him.


If you would like to see more inflated posts pop over to Paula’s place “Lost in translation”

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Thursday’s Special : Scattered…

Blow h to Shark Bay 016

This is the Indian Ocean on the coast of Western Australia. It is wild. You could say the foam scatters heavenward. But this couple thought it was going to get them and it made them scatter out of the way very quickly…

Blow h to Shark Bay 058

Paula (lost in translation) has given us the challenge to interpret “scattered” for this weeks challenge.

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Traces of the past : the good old days!!!

good old days-1_2773x2177

I am old enough to be able to, vaguely, remember back to when I was first married and used this set up in the back shed to wash the cloth nappies, (no disposables back then) That was in the early 1960’s, I can hardly believe that I am now calling back then the “good old days”…

good old days-3_3099x2324

I don’t think I would like to go back to those “good old days”. I found these relics and so much more memorabilia in a heritage village called “Tailem Town”. It was a fascinating place, like stepping back into history. Step back in time here. I spent hours enveloped in memories of times gone by.

good old days-2_3264x2448

What stories of the past this old vehicle could tell us…


This week Paula, in her “Thursday’s special“, invites us to show some traces of the past.  

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Thursday’s Special : Three of a Kind…

3 lorrikeets

This is a family of lorikeets perched on our deck rail, Dad giving Mum a scratch in those hard to reach places and noisy, squawking baby wanting some attention…

Paula is asking us to show 3 of a kind for this weeks challenge.

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Thursday’s Special : Night Photography…

Three years ago I went to a photography course in Brisbane. I learnt a lot and had a great day. (take a look here)

But that was 3 years ago and I can’t believe how the time has flown. We did touch on painting with light, (see the results in this post)  and night-time photography and I declared I would practice.

After the course we took the ferry along the Brisbane River to the train station and home. On that ferry ride I tried to capture the Brisbane skyline at night. It was not easy as the ferry was bobbing around on the swell. I tried resting on the deck rails, but they were bobbing up and down too. So I tried to time the shots when the ferry was not rocking too much.

Not totally successful as I did not practice, as I promised myself I would, so these are some of the only night-time photos I have…

night time-1_3253x2436

night time-3_3840x2880

Cardinal Guzman is Paula’s guest contributor this week and he has challenged us to try night photography and given us some very good tips to get started. Take a look at them here.

Recently I did, briefly, dabble with an on line Photography course. This is one of the photos I submitted for this course. We had to try for atmospheric night-time shots. This is a neighbour’s place that I liked the look of. It says warmth and comfort to me. What do you think?

night time-4_3761x2721

 Travel has previously got in the way for any serious study. But now I am having a stay at home year I’m hoping to practice more “taking off the automatic” photography, and more art, and more gardening, and more…..

Thank you CG for prodding me into action…

But time will tell. Watch this space!!!!

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