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Weekly Photo Challenge 2 : Rainbow Flowers

Such a great theme this week I can’t resist showcasing some of the hundreds of flower photos I have collected.

Sturts desert pea

Sturts desert pea

Alens Flower drive pc 021cropped

Yellow rose

Yellow rose

sea jade



Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Alens Flower drive pc 015

 Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. It’s the photo challenge theme for this week!


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Yellow

Can you spot the odd one out?

A splash of sunshine for my Northern friends.

LOGO - wordpress-2014

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Spring

Do you ever forget the country of your birth?

Does your memory of those long ago childhood days still linger?

My memories of my English childhood remain, I remember vividly how spring crept into the landscape, nudging aside the grey, cold winter blanket. How the delicate green shoots slowly emerge, lambs frolic and birds are busy nesting. But most of all I remember the daffodils. That glorious sight of fields of golden daffodils swaying in the wind.

A host of golden daffodils

A host of golden daffodils

I would love to be able to paint this photo. It is a bit blurred, but the colours say spring.

I would love to be able to paint this photo. It is a bit blurred, but the colours say spring.


I left England in 1961 and revisited in 1990. I stayed for a year and once more experienced the 4 distinct seasons. These photos were taken with a film camera, then scanned onto the computer. Not very good reproduction, a bit blurry, but they bring back the memories of those gorgeous, golden daffodils. 

In Australia spring does not have that dramatic entrance, here the landscape is dictated by the weather more than the seasons. In the wet it is all shades of green with the sumptuous tropical flowers in bloom. In the dry it is brown and in survival mode. Now we are on the threshold of winter, the temperatures are falling and, hopefully, the rains will come.

We are in Western Australia for this winter.  If the rains do come it will be a good spring and the renowned wild flowers of Western Australia will carpet the land. It was a good year in 2010 when we last travelled through this area and here is a post I will share with you of the beauty of spring in WA when they have had a good wet winter.


Over here in Australia spring is a memory as we move into winter, but go here to see how spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere.


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Travel Theme : Round

I’ve done one post this week for Sue’s (A word in your ear) round challenge about gardening in the round (click the link to see it)  and it got me thinking of all the beautiful flowers that are perfectly round. As Ailsa (Where’s my backpack?) also challenged us with ROUND this week I took a pleasant tour through my old photos and picked a bunch of flowers for you.

Dave Lisa home 002_4000x3000

To round it off I have added a bowl of fruit and tomatoes.

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A Word a Week Photo Challenge : Yellow

I love yellow, it is my favourite colour. It is the colour of happiness and sunshine and it makes me smile.

Thanks Sue for choosing it for this weeks challenge. Pop over to her post to have a yellow fix.

I also love flowers and capturing their beauty with the camera.

Here is a selection of my favourites.

Yellow rose

Wattle emblem of NSW

 WA wild flower

Western Australia flowers



Water lily


These next two photos were taken in 1990 at Hickstead Equestrian Centre in Sussex when I spent a year working there as a house keeper for Douglas Bunn. It was an interesting and exciting year but after the very cold winter I was happy to go back to New Zealand, the country I called home at that time. They were taken on film and scanned into the computer so they are not very sharp, but they bring back so many memories.

I have put these in for my Northern Hemisphere friends to remind them that under the snow and ice, while you are in the grips of winter spring is just around the corner and waiting to burst out in a riot of colour and rebirth.


A field of golden daffodils

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Layers

Frangipani, the colour and smell of summer

Frangipani, the colour and smell of summer

Rose, the flower of love

Rose, the flower of love

Layers are so intricate, they are all around us and, to me, the best example of layers is in the floral world. The way they open one layer at a time to give us perfection of form and when it is combined with a glorious scent it is heavenly.



Another example of layers, again in nature, is the complex formation of the earth. The layers of rock that have formed over millions of years. One of the best and most awe-inspiring rock formations I have seen was the Bungles in the Kimberly region of Australia. As we flew in to this remote area the site of the range below was amazing.

The Bungles from the air

The Bungles from the air

I spent a day walking among these magnificent formations and of course took hundreds of photos. Here are a couple of them. They bring the feel of that day back to me, how I was over whelmed by the beauty and grandeur. But unfortunately I cannot capture that feeling in a photo, you will have  to walk among them yourself .

 I put the Kimberly’s as my favourite place in my trip around Australia.

Walking through the Bungles

Walking through the Bungles, people are dwarfed by the  formations.


Natures layers formed over millions of years

Natures layers formed over millions of years

The Domes

The Domes



Finally an example of layers created by man. I like the way the architect has designed this house in layers.

Mt Hotham


This week Sarah from the WP team has challenged us to find LAYERS around us. Hundreds of bloggers accept these challenges each week, go to this link to see all the different layers

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Word a Week : Pink

This week the word is PINK.

It immediately brought back memories of the wild flowers in Western Australia. A trip I had longed to make and finally I achieved my dream in 2010.

I have just been back there in my photos, hundreds of them. They brought back the wonder and joy I experienced when I walked among the beauty that can be found in this glorious country.

These are just a small sample from my photo gallery of flowers.



Princess gum

Princess gum

Geraldton wax

Geraldton wax

Kalbarri flower pc 036_3264x2448

Lake walk W flora pc 033_2310x1715

Stunning lotus from Townsville botanic gardens

Stunning lotus from Townsville botanic gardens

Finally I couldn’t resist putting in these two photos of that adorable Aussie parrot, the pink and grey galah.

Galah & jack 008cropped_1252x977

Pinmicales pc 033cropped_1477x1391

Thanks Sue for giving me the chance to wander down memory lane and show you these photos.

Many bloggers have been in the pink this week click here to see them.

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Word a Week Photo Challenge : Light

I have not been able to enter Sue’s challenge for the past couple of weeks (poor internet connection!) but I could not let this one slip by. Sue, aka Skinnywench, from the blog “A word in your ear” sets a challenge each week by opening her dictionary and randomly picking a word for us to interpret.

This week it is “Light”

For photographers it is the light that defines the picture. Poor light and the photo will be a failure. It will be drab and lifeless. The same picture taken in a different light can be stunning, a show stopper, one that makes people go WOW.

Go to Sues blog (click here) to see some superb examples of photos caught in the best light, they glow.

As I travel I automatically watch for that “good light”, early morning and late afternoon are known as the “golden hours” The landscape transforms into a photographers dream.

One of my favourite subjects are flowers. They can be a challenge especially if the wind is blowing, as it often is in Australia…

Here are a few I hope you like them…

This flower opens in the night and only lasts one beautiful day

This flower opens in the night and only lasts one beautiful day



Drosera capensis,fly catcher

Drosera capensis,fly catcher

Tiaro, Mary River sunset

Tiaro, Mary River sunset

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Orange

I have just recently found this lovely site. This week Cee has put out a challenge to use orange in your photo’s. I couldn’t resist this as orange is my favourite colour (Ok I know all you Americans are tut-tutting about my spelling…) so I had to join in. Very hard to just keep it down to 3. Have a look at Cee’s Life Photography blog you will find many more beautiful photos…

In 2010 we went over to Western Australia. It had been a dream of mine to make the pilgrimage in spring time to WA as it is the mecca for viewing wild flowers. It did not disappoint, 2010 was a spectacular year for the flowers as there had been rain during winter ensuring good growth. Arriving in Broome in July we slowly drove along the Western Australia coast following the wild flowers as they gradually spread south. It is hard to describe the incredible sight of acres and acres of wild flowers in full bloom, from the road side to the horizon, all colours, all shapes.

I have just chosen a couple for this post but if you would like to see more click here to see a slide-show I have put on another post…



Now for some thing quite different. About ten years ago, before I had a digital camera I liked to potter around with acrylic paints and my favourite subject was flowers, and as you can see I loved orange, so this is one I painted. It is very stylized poppies…

I do not paint now….





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Travel Theme : Display

This week I am a little bit late and I notice there are 100’s of posts on this theme, it is very popular. So pop over to Ailsas blog, “Where’s my backpack” to see many more colourful displays of every kind…

My post for this theme is different as it is not some thing you can buy, but the display is a joy and will be a lasting memory…

I am a very keen gardener and I love going to flower shows. Every year the town of Toowoomba has a spring festival, the carnival of flowers is run the last 10 days of September. It has just finished, if you are in the area next year it is worth going to. (Check the link for details) The council gardeners prepare and plant the parks and gardens in the town centre and they are a floral delight. Hanging baskets adorn every lamp post and are a riot of colour. Every where the local people spend all year getting their gardens to a peak of perfection for the spring carnival. The competition is fierce for the presentation of an award in one of the catogories.

The carnival runs for 10 days culminating in a street parade of decorated floats, bands, marching girls and all the various clubs putting on a show. It is a great place to be.

I was there in 2008 and each year since I have been travelling in other parts of the world or Australia so have missed it. In January 2011 Toowoomba was struck, unbelievably, by a tsunami. It created great devastation. But the council and citizens of Toowoomba were determined that the carnival would go on.

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