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Garden Photography Challenge : Essence of Summer

In early summer, October and November in this part of the world, summer is heralded in with the glorious, flamboyant display from 2 trees, that to me, shout “summer is coming”.

Neither are natives, but they have been planted as street trees in many areas.

The lovely lavender shades of the Jacaranda mass planted are a joy to behold.


The display is only short-lived. Often wild winds will devastate the display and a carpet of leaves are all that is left.


The town of Grafton, about 300 kilometres south of here, is famous for its streets lined with these beautiful trees and each year they have a Jacaranda festival in early November. This year I am going to be there and have pre-booked accommodation. Expect many more Jacaranda photos then…

As the Jacaranda fades the vibrant Poinciana takes centre stage.


Our local shopping street has them featured. I also have a young one in my garden. As yet it has to come into full flower, maybe it will this year, it is now about 10 years old.


June has slipped by and this is the last of the “essence of summer” challenge from Jude, “earth laughs in flowers”. I have enjoyed remembering summer as winter is now biting down under, but the shortest day has been and gone and we are now on our way back to summer…

Next month we will be looking at the “edible garden”.

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