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Weekly Photo Challenge : The Eyes Have It…





I have my eye on you

I have my eye on you

Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca

To take photographs means to recognize – simultaneously and within a fraction of a second – both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning.

It is putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Change

The change from summer to autumn

The change from summer to autumn

Busking in the hope of receiving small change from passers by

Busking in the hope of receiving small change from passers by. A slightly different interpretation of change…

Jabiru changing places on the nest

Jabiru changing places on the nest

Change is the law of life.
And those who look only to the past or present
are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy
Kristin Snow is giving us the challenge of “change” this week.
Change is commonly defined as “to give a completely different form or appearance to; to transform.”
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Monochromatic 2…

inspiration-4 Mungo toBulahdelha to Elizabeth Beach 048_3072x2304 Tallangatta Hume sun set pc 023_3264x2448 gardens bundaburg 009 cropped

I was not totally happy with my first attempt at monochromatic so decided to have another look through my photos and these are what I found…

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Monochromatic


“Jenny says, in a monochromatic image, a distinct point of focus, or focal point, is also a necessity. Great photographs immediately engage a viewer’s eye and attention, and especially in images where the colours tend to bleed together, the photographer needs to choose the focus with intention. The inclusion of a pop of colour in an otherwise monochromatic palette can also result in a dramatic image,. “

This was not taken as a “monochromatic” photo, but when I saw today’s challenge I immediately thought of this photo. All shades of grey and blue but with that pop of red.

What do you think, can I call this “monochromatic” ?

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Connected…




In this week’s challenge, share a photo or a gallery of what being connected means to you. You may choose to focus on one of the verb’s meanings or on several, and you can go literal or figurative, abstract or explicit: whatever you see fit.

The strongest connection of all is the love of a mother for its baby. This is my interpretation of  connected. 


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Creepy…

Ned Kelly's death mask

Ned Kelly’s death mask

This is definitely the creepiest thing I have ever seen. It is the death mask of Ned Kelly and I had to take a photo of it.

I think all Australians have heard of Ned Kelly. He is part of our folk law, an infamous bush ranger.

Ned Kelly is an Australian legend. He epitomised many qualities that ordinary Australians admire. He was a larrikin, loyal to his family and ready to sacrifice himself for his mates. An underdog, he represented the struggling classes and thumbed his nose at the establishment. He was inventive, he was fearless and charismatic.

 Ned was barely educated, yet his famous letters were poetic and passionate. He killed police officers, was outlawed and could be shot on sight by anyone. Yet when he was sentenced to hang, more than 30,000 people signed a petition asking for a reprieve.

His famous last words as they hung him was “Such is life”…

If you are interested to read more of the Ned Kelly story click on this link.

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly mail box, depicted in his famous armour.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Beneath my Feet…

Broome to 80 m beach 021

80 Mile Beach in Western Australia was littered with deep layers of shells.


The wild flowers were thick under foot in other parts of Western Australia.

Womba beach cape trib 007_2304x3072

In Northern Queensland these strange marks on the sand were under foot and we were informed by a local that they were the fresh marks  left by the tail of a large crocodile…

Annan river cook town PC 021

After looking very carefully, Jack decided it was safe to float in the Annan River in the Northern Territory.

Giralia camp flowers 006_2304x3072

Finally we walk together at sunset with the vibrantly red dirt of the outback under foot…

I guess you can almost say everything is “beneath your feet” when you stand and take a scenic photograph, but these are just a small sample of the different terrain we crossed as we travelled around Australia.


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Inspiration

The beauty of nature, the wide and varied scenery, the wonder of what might be found around the next corner, or over the hill. The amazement of seeing birds and animals in their natural environment and the joy of meeting and, for a short time, sharing moments with strangers. These are just some of the things that inspire me to travel.


The road in the outback stretches endlessly across the Mitchell grass plains.

Suddenly a scene reminiscent of the time of the drovers from the pioneer days, unfolds as drovers on horse back herd cattle along the side of the road.


My dream of walking through the acres of wild flowers in Western Australia inspired me to travel thousands of miles to the other side of Australia.


But the unexpected joy was finding the dainty, small orchids nestled at the base of huge gum trees, and the huge diversity of colours and species of wild flowers to be found everywhere in this part of Australia.


Slowly driving to the top of The Great Dividing Range on roads that twisted and snaked around the Snowy Mountains. Then gazing in awe at the panorama that stretched in endless shades of blue and turquoise to the distant horizon


The contrast between these majestic mountains and the mighty Rainforests of the tropical north is breathtaking.


The peace and tranquillity of camping on the banks of the river and waking at dawn to watch as the mist slowly rises and the sun paints highlights on the trunks and casts reflections into the still waters.


All these memories and many more are saved in thousands of photographs and WordPress inspires me to create this blog and share them with the wonderful community of WP bloggers.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Doors

These delightful and varied doors in Oatlands, a village in Tasmania, that boasted over 90 heritage buildings, including 3 historic churches and a faithfully restored and fully operating windmill. To see more of the buildings go here.

For this week’s challenge, Cheri asks us to publish a new post with a photo of a door (or multiple doors!). Consider how color affects the image, but also think about size, shape, texture, and details — how might these elements add up to tell a story?

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Weekly Photo Challenge 2 : Rainbow Flowers

Such a great theme this week I can’t resist showcasing some of the hundreds of flower photos I have collected.

Sturts desert pea

Sturts desert pea

Alens Flower drive pc 021cropped

Yellow rose

Yellow rose

sea jade



Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Alens Flower drive pc 015

 Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. It’s the photo challenge theme for this week!


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