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Weekly Photo Challenge : Up on high.

Be careful walking under the she oak trees when they are full of nuts. They are also full of Galahs tucking in and dropping the shells on unsuspecting passers-by who do not look up…

galah 8_2448x3264

Notice how spiky those nuts are?

galah 7_2448x3264

Galahs are very cheeky, I think he is grinning, he has just scored a bull’s-eye on a tourist!!!

Of course one of the most beautiful sights to be seen when you look up is the ever-changing sky.


Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up.

There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day.

Rachel Boston


So many people walk around with their eyes downcast.

This week Nancy tells us to look up.

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photography 101 : Glass

sunset from deck 018


The sweet memories of evenings sitting on the deck in Geraldton, Western Australia, watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean.


My interpretation of today’s “Photography 101” theme, glass.

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Wild Weekly Photo Challenge : Clouds

Clouds must be one of the most fascinating subjects for photography. Ever changing in colour and form. I have hundreds to choose from but I have just chosen my favourite 3. Hope you enjoy them

Beautiful sunrise over Roebuck Bay, Broome

Beautiful sunrise over Roebuck Bay, Broome

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from Burleigh Heads

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from Burleigh Heads

Kalbarri sunset

Kalbarri sunset

Clouds are the sky’s imagination. ~Terri Guillemets

This is the challenge from “Let’s be wild” the on-line travel magazine.

This week we’re challenging you to point your lenses toward the clouds, because this week’s theme is clouds! Puffy and white or menacing and grey – clouds can take on many shapes, clinging to the ground as fog or towering miles into the sky. When billions of tiny molecules of water or ice crystal come together, they form a cloud. Most of the time we see them as white, since they reflect the light of the sun. When the cloud gets thick enough or high enough, it can appear grey, blocking most of the sun’s light from getting through.



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Word a Week Photo Challenge : Light

I have not been able to enter Sue’s challenge for the past couple of weeks (poor internet connection!) but I could not let this one slip by. Sue, aka Skinnywench, from the blog “A word in your ear” sets a challenge each week by opening her dictionary and randomly picking a word for us to interpret.

This week it is “Light”

For photographers it is the light that defines the picture. Poor light and the photo will be a failure. It will be drab and lifeless. The same picture taken in a different light can be stunning, a show stopper, one that makes people go WOW.

Go to Sues blog (click here) to see some superb examples of photos caught in the best light, they glow.

As I travel I automatically watch for that “good light”, early morning and late afternoon are known as the “golden hours” The landscape transforms into a photographers dream.

One of my favourite subjects are flowers. They can be a challenge especially if the wind is blowing, as it often is in Australia…

Here are a few I hope you like them…

This flower opens in the night and only lasts one beautiful day

This flower opens in the night and only lasts one beautiful day



Drosera capensis,fly catcher

Drosera capensis,fly catcher

Tiaro, Mary River sunset

Tiaro, Mary River sunset

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Sailing away to new adventures

Broome, Cable Beach sunset

We cannot discover new oceans

until we have courage

to lose sight of the shore

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