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Curvaceous Icon : Weekly Photo Challenge

operahouse and bridge-1_3845x2884

I’m sure this building needs no introduction. From every viewpoint its contours swoop and flow like waves on the ocean.

operahouse and bridge-5_4000x3000

It dwarfs the people gazing at its grandeur.

But it is not the only curvaceous icon on Sydney’s waterfront.

operahouse and bridge-2_3434x2576

The old “Coat hanger” is peering over her shoulder.

operahouse and bridge-6_4000x3000

If you look very closely you will see tiny ant-like dots, brave souls, nearly at the top as they climb this Sydney monument.


I wonder how many other Australian bloggers have chosen to showcase our well known buildings in this weeks photo challenge as Cheri asks us to “find inspiration in the curves around you.”

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Travel Theme : Modern Architecture.

UTS building Surry Hills 066_4000x3000

The University of Technology, Sydney was designed by architect Frank Gehry. Inspirational and world renowned he is among the most acclaimed architects of the 20th century, and is known for his use of bold, postmodern shapes and unusual fabrications. Gehry’s most famous designs include the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

Finalized at the end of 2014 the UTS, according to some, has become a new iconic building in Sydney, even rivalling the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  So when we were in Sydney in March 2015, with camera in hand,  I had to see it.

UTS building Surry Hills 063_4000x3000

Building design is based on the idea of a tree-house structure.

His style is described as “billowing” and it certainly does…

UTS building Surry Hills 070_4000x3000

The building’s façade, which was made of 320,000 custom designed bricks, is described as the “squashed brown paper bag”. Frank Gehry said, “Maybe it’s a brown paper bag, but it’s flexible on the inside, there’s a lot of room for changes or movement.”

UTS building Surry Hills 062_3000x4000

The tower is named after Dr Chau Chak Wing, an Australian-Chinese businessman and philanthropist who donated $20 million for the building’s construction. The 12-storey tower provides teaching, learning, research and office accommodation for 1,256-1,300 students and 300 326 academic staff.

Take a look at this short 2 minute video of the construction.

The inside is equally as impressive.

UTS building Surry Hills 082_3000x4000

UTS building Surry Hills 075_3000x4000

UTS building Surry Hills 077_2041x2820

Here is a link to more of the ultra modern buildings designed by Frank Gehry


Ailsa is looking for modern this week. I think this building fits into that category…

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Lingering Look at Windows : The Rocks

Rocks area Sydney

Many of the buildings in the Rocks area near Sydney Harbour Bridge are over 100 years old and were built by the convicts. They are solid sandstone constructions, austere and mainly utilitarian, built to last. But look at the marks and patterns showing how the bricks were hand-made. Each brick created with sweat and hard labour.

These windows would’ve looked out on many stories over the years.


Dawn of “The day after” hosts this theme every week. Windows are many and varied and it is interesting to see the different ones from around the world. To see them click here.

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