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Traces of the past : the good old days!!!

good old days-1_2773x2177

I am old enough to be able to, vaguely, remember back to when I was first married and used this set up in the back shed to wash the cloth nappies, (no disposables back then) That was in the early 1960’s, I can hardly believe that I am now calling back then the “good old days”…

good old days-3_3099x2324

I don’t think I would like to go back to those “good old days”. I found these relics and so much more memorabilia in a heritage village called “Tailem Town”. It was a fascinating place, like stepping back into history. Step back in time here. I spent hours enveloped in memories of times gone by.

good old days-2_3264x2448

What stories of the past this old vehicle could tell us…


This week Paula, in her “Thursday’s special“, invites us to show some traces of the past.  

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