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Tuesday’s A to Z Challenge : C is for Cat

cats 032_3264x2448

We were part of this family of felines for 3 months. They are very photogenic and they stole their way into our hearts and will always be part of our memories.

 From the first day at school we are taught that C is for cat so I thought these would be very appropriate for Frizztext’s weekly A to Z challenge. It always amazes me how many different ideas bloggers come up with each week click here to take a look at them. It is a fun challenge.


Frizztext loves his music so to keep in with the C theme I have found Cat Stevens singing “Cat’s in the cradle” to go with this post.

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Friztext’s A to Z challenge : B = Blues on Broadbeach

Transcending the barriers of age, gender and culture Blues on Broadbeach is one of Australia’s most iconic Blues festivals.

The Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival, which will be held from 22 – 25 May 2014, is unique as it feeds on the village like atmosphere and relaxed ambience that is Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

Blues on Broadbeach nurtures Australian talent as well as providing a stage for international acts. The festival is a musical experience like no other in Queensland, whilst still remaining a FREE and non-ticketed event.

Blues music is food for the soul and this festival combines the best of blues with the cream of the Gold Coast cuisine in a guaranteed recipe for success. 

This YouTube captures the vibe and joyousness of the festival. It was created by the Goldcoast, Broadbeach Alliance to show some highlights of the 10th anniversary of Blues on Broadbeach in 2011.      

Blues on Broadbeach

This festival has run for 13 years. Every year it gets bigger. More artists from Australia and overseas make the pilgrimage to play at this fantastic 4 day venue. 43 musicians are lined up to play this year and it is all FREE.

Imagine, if you can, the atmosphere. The streets are all closed to traffic. Large stages and sound systems are set up at each end of the street, in the Mall area, in the parks, blues, jazz and bluegrass music fills the air. Restaurants have tables set up on the pavements, food stalls selling every type of ethnic food you can think of cluster around the park. The crowd of happy people wander around from group to group enjoying the music. The weather is picture perfect blue skies, and all this taking place a stones throw from the azure blue ocean.

Blues festival sunday

As night falls the music continues. Bands play in the pubs and restaurants as well as on the streets.

Have a beer mate...

Have a beer mate…

The music seeps into your soul, the feet start tapping and all ages get up and dance.

If you are in Australia during May this year don’t miss this unique festival.


This is my contribution to Frizztects A to Z challenge. To see more beautiful B entries click here

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Frizztext’s A to Z Challenge; Aborigine

I have just discovered “Frizztext’s” weekly challenge. Working through the alphabet a letter each week and this is week one so we start with A.

What better way for me to start from Australia and showcasing our amazing indigenous people, the Aborigine.

Playing the didgeridoo an instrument carved from a hollow tree trunk

Playing the didgeridoo an instrument carved from a hollow tree trunk

Dance of the Jabiru

Dance of the Jabiru

Dance of the Jabiru

Dance of the Jabiru


Success, where there’s smoke there is fire…

At the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary The local Aboriginal tribe give a demonstration of their culture, including dancing and fire lighting ceremonies.


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