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Stanthorpe festival 012_3264x2448

These would be the most colourful hats I have ever seen. They were at the “Stanthorpe apple and grape festival”. The festival was a riot of colour and happy vibes. It was the start of our round Australia trip March 2010. (take a look)


Sunday beach markets pc 039_4000x3000

A hat is a necessity in Queensland and the weekly beach markets are a good place to find just the right one. (go here and share the experience of a sunny day at the beach markets)


At the beginning of our year around Australia Jack had this rather dapper Panama hat. As the days turned to weeks, then months. That hat became rained on, sat on, lost then found again. It became Jack’s favourite. In the second photo he is with his mate Rob. Rob has his favourite Akubra hat on, well-worn, sweat stained and very dilapidated. Rob owns a farm in the beautiful Southern corner of Western Australia and every year he organised a poets weekend. Bush poets and people came from far and wide.  We were lucky enough to be in his area and help with the organisation. It was a lot of fun. (if you would like to come along click here)


Finally here is that iconic Akubra

into nt pc 003_3264x2448

This stained, stitched and patched Akubra belonged to a drover. That tough breed of Aussie that drove cattle hundreds of miles through scrub, desert and open Mitchel grass plains in all weather conditions. The heat and drought of summer and the bone chilling rain and winds of winter. They are a breed of man to be admired. I took this photo at the “Drovers Shed” in Camooweal. ( I spent hours looking round this fascinating place. Click here and come with me for a look at Australia’s droving history)

Akubra Hats are an Australian Icon.

(Click here to discover the rich history of this iconic hat)

For 130 years Akubra has been making its famous rabbit fur, felt hats. The Akubra name is synonymous with the landscape of outback Australia, and our unique hats form an important part of the Australian national uniform. In the modern era Akubra Hats still form an important part of the national culture, being worn by the hard working men and women on the land as well as being presented as national gifts to those visiting dignitaries who want to take a piece of Australia home


Hats are every where this week. Go to Ailsa’s “Where’s my backpack” to see hundreds more…

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4 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Hats

  1. Oh, interesting bit of hat-history, Pauline!

  2. Aussies definitely understand hats!

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