Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

The wild sea

The wild sea


The fury of the ocean

The fury of the ocean



Australia is an island nation and the challenge from Word Press  opens so many possibilities. I have folders of sea shots from all around this mighty land but I have restricted myself (with difficulty) to 3 from the Western Australia coast.

The west coast of Australia is wild, rugged and isolated. The Indian Ocean is a deep azure blue and it crashes relentlessly onto the rocks.

It is a mesmerizing sight. I took so many photos trying to capture how the power of nature makes you feel small and insignificant.





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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Your pictures are so awesome they make me jealous!!!

  3. Great shots!!

  4. Nice photos. The one with the people running made me laugh. Great entries for the theme!

  5. Stunning pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So small, so insignificant… such big waves.

  7. Amazing shot! I really love the first one. Isn’t Australia great?

  8. Madoqua

    I love the sea in all its forms – angry, placid, peaceful or playful. Your photos are lovely!

  9. Such great captures! Love the capture of the wave breaking in the second photo!

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