Garden Photography Challenge : Winter…

I live in the tropics of Queensland, Australia, actually to be perfectly correct Gold Coast is the sub-tropics, but it is never cold and wintry. So when Jude started her new “garden photography challenge” with the theme for January of “winter” I had to go back in time to 2014 when we ventured into the cold of Canberra for a house sit in mid winter. All our Queensland friends thought we were crazy. Canberra has a reputation for its cold winter weather.

Cold it was, but not in your northern hemisphere type of miserable grey and drizzly cold. Most nights were chilly, around -1 to 5 degrees, but quickly warming to approximately 10 deg and a crisp, clear, blue sunshiny day. Quite exhilarating, when wrapped up with warm jacket, scarf and gloves to take the dog for a walk.

But one memorable morning we woke to thick fog and we went to Lake Burley Griffin to take photos. (see more of the walk here)

Misty lake pc 026 

Misty lake pc 058

These photos were taken early in September that is, technically, the beginning of spring and the delightful signs of early spring blossom coated the branches.

Misty lake pc 039

But over in the Arboretum they had captured the spirit of winter by wrapping some of the trees in warm woolly scarves.

(to see the post I did about our visit to the arboretum, click here)

Ardoretum PCsx40 132

It is hard for me to find photos that say “winter”, so this is all I can find from the land of “Down Under”.

To see more of  typical winter garden photos go over to Jude’s site.

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33 thoughts on “Garden Photography Challenge : Winter…

  1. That spider web is stunning! And I like your use of the scarves trees.

  2. I have to agree with Meg, I also love the blossom in the fog!

  3. Fabulous Pauline, especially the blossom trees along the path!

    • Thanks Gilly I thought it was a lovely time to be in Canberra I miss that spring awakening season as we don’t get it here all our seasons are much the same.

  4. Perfect take on the January theme (IMO) esp the scarves – oh my it is cute – side note we just have my MIL some holiday scarves and told her she was to wear them when she needed a hug from us – and boy did she like that – and so seeing the scarves on the tree whispered hugs to me – and the different colors was a nice touch for winter too –
    and the first photo reminds me of the stock photo that comes with a WordPress theme (2010 or 2012 I think) while the web feels fake! I am sure it is real – but just felt like a prop – what kind do spider spins that kinda web?

    • A very BIG spider! (They do have some monsters in Australia… ) 🙂

    • That is a lovely idea to give your MIL a virtual hug with a scarf. I didn’t see the spider he was probably tucked away keeping warm, but I can imagine he would be BIG and scary…

      • We also gave the MIL a new Shawl – a pink one – they are trendy right now – even though I do not like them for me – but she loved it – and guess what / she is getting remarried this June and she is almost 70 – she has been single since 99 and well – it was weird to see her so peppy and almost giddy! Like she ran in from a dinner out and went up to call her honey and it was like / ???
        Anyhow – would love to see the “monster spider” that made that web

        • My word that is a lovely story about MIL, hope she is going to have a really happy marriage.

          • Yes I hope so too – and her finance lost his former wife more than 3 years ago and so MIL is a gift to him too – well have a nice day P

  5. A noble effort, Pauline! All in a good cause, as they say 🙂 🙂 The foggy blossom is a wonderful combination.

  6. Lovely these photo’s I have always admired Spider Webb so very beautiful. I am looking forward to warmer here to in the UK.
    Enjoy and cherish every moment.

  7. Those fog photos are stunningly beautiful! Strange with the trees in flower at the same time.

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