Thursday’s Special : Robotic…

Paula has presented us with a very difficult challenge this week. I wracked my brains, scrolled through the archives. Nothing. I specialize in flowers, scenery, animals, all things bright and beautiful. Then I remembered, when I house sat in Canberra I visited “Questacon“, the museum of science and there it was, a robot.

Questicon JC 014

robot cropped

He/it was fascinating and would actually answer your questions.


Pleased to have you back with your interesting and challenging themes Paula.

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18 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special : Robotic…

  1. BINGO! Btw, I like pressing buttons 😀 I am so happy you could find this very apt subject to contribute. Thank you, Pauline. He is quite dashing with his robo cheeks and gorgeous blue eyes 😀

    • Questacon is mainly for kids, but I noticed a lot of adults (including us) enjoying playing with the exhibits.

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  3. yeap, I was also scratching my head – robot(ic)??? what on earth can I find to fit the subject? 🙂
    this guy really looks cute and sophisticated.

  4. Very cute, and he looks much more helpful than mine, Pauline 🙂

  5. Your archives are a treasure trove!

  6. This is the best robotic post I’ve seen, amazing! i bet you didn’t think you’d have a use for that photo when you took it!

  7. Well done to you and your archives, Pauline!

  8. Cool robot. Would it answer any question? I’ve been taking my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to our Science Museum her for about 50 years. It has changed incredibly of course over that period of time. I love it as much as the children. That’s so great that you could come up with this robot!!

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