Thursday’s Special : Three of a Kind…

3 lorrikeets

This is a family of lorikeets perched on our deck rail, Dad giving Mum a scratch in those hard to reach places and noisy, squawking baby wanting some attention…

Paula is asking us to show 3 of a kind for this weeks challenge.

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21 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special : Three of a Kind…

  1. Hey P – this photo almost seems like they were posing for you – and the one on the right seems several – ha!

  2. Unbelievable shot, and you’ve decided to offer it for my challenge. I am very happy, Pauline. 🙂

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  4. I envy you your lorikeets, I think they are gorgeous birds.

  5. What wonderful bursts of colour…..and squawks, no doubt!

  6. Rainee

    Just gorgeous!

  7. A photo of one is good but a family of three is fabulous!

  8. Absolutely stunning, Pauline!

  9. Love the colours

  10. Such stunning Parrots , what a lovely tale.

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