Bench Series : July, unusual detail.

Richmond pc 114

This bench stopped me in my tracks when I saw it outside a pub in Richmond, Tasmania’s premier historic town that dates from the mid 1800’s. (click here for a walk back through history with me.)

Can you see what it is?

This bath-seat brought back memories of our garden in New Zealand because Jack converted an old bath, cutting out the front shape, with great difficulty, by hand. It sat under a plum tree in our cottage style garden surrounded by roses. Sadly, we had to leave it behind when we came to Australia. I did not think I would ever see another one as then we thought it was a unique design.

This month Jude would like us to show her benches with unusual detail.

(Jude says, this month I want to see photos of a bench which is different to the norm. It may be the shape, style, length, height, colour, material or even location that attracts your attention)

I think this one qualifies….

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24 thoughts on “Bench Series : July, unusual detail.

  1. I love this bench. I saw one similar in a coffee shop in Dubrovnik of all places, pink and orange with bright cushions.

  2. Marvellous! I want one!

  3. Great bench, and I’m not surprised that it stopped you in your tracks. Those old tubs were designed for comfort, and I can all but imagine a soft cushion beneath and a pillow in the back, and time out ffor a nap.

    How long did it take to cut out the side section by hand?

    • It seemed for ever, Jack had very sore hands when he finished and went through numerous hack saw blades. It was sad to leave it behind. I hope the next owners appreciated it…

  4. A great choice. I took a photo of this same bench in Richmond just a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Fantastic! I have seen old sinks and baths and even toilets used as planters, but this is the first bench! I am loving these unusual benches 🙂

  6. For soaking up sunshine, instead of bubble bath. A good find.

  7. Wow that’s excellent recycling!

    • Jack is big into recycling. When we create our gardens the rubbish tip shop is one of our favourite haunts…

  8. What a fantastic idea! I absolutely love it 😀

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  10. What fun! We ALL want one, Pauline! 🙂

    • I don’t think Jack will be attempting to make another one without he has a power tool to cut the metal, by hand with a small fret saw it was HARD work…

  11. amazing, really beautifully executed (the bench and the photo) and of course I have always wanted to go to Tasmania – the closest I have got so far is to buy leatherwood honey which is unique to tasmania if I remember well, but that really isn’t very close at all is it!

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