Weekly Photo Challenge : Doors

These delightful and varied doors in Oatlands, a village in Tasmania, that boasted over 90 heritage buildings, including 3 historic churches and a faithfully restored and fully operating windmill. To see more of the buildings go here.

For this week’s challenge, Cheri asks us to publish a new post with a photo of a door (or multiple doors!). Consider how color affects the image, but also think about size, shape, texture, and details — how might these elements add up to tell a story?

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Doors

  1. Some lovely ones, especially the white shop door 🙂

  2. Very English! I love the peeling paint doors 🙂

    • Very picturesque and photogenic Jude. These were all down in Tasmania which is rather Englishy (Google doesn’t know that word, I made it up) in looks…

  3. I’ve heard about the beach boxes, and would add having one on to my bucket list. 🙂

  4. Love the glow of your corrugated iron!

  5. I just can’t go past a rusting corrugated iron roof, Pauline. I would have left the old corrugated iron roof on the RUC if I knew it wouldn’t leak (which unfortunately it did). Now we have a shiny new corrugated iron roof, but it’s just not the same (albeit dryer).

    BUT this post is about doors and I got waylaid when I saw the roof of that old house. My favourite is the church door 🙂

    • Does modern day corrugated iron have some sort of coating to prevent rust Dianne? Rusty iron is so out back Aussie I just had to leave that roof with the doors.

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