Weekly Photo Challenge : Time…

Did you ever blow away the dandelion seed heads chanting one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four?

I had vague memories of doing just that a long time ago. So I looked it up in Google and this is what I found.

 I picked a dandelion clock
And I held it near my nose,
I blew the pretty fluff away
And counted up my blows.”It’s one o’clock, it’s two o’clock
I gave a great big puff,
“It’s three o’clock, it’s four o’clock”
Away went all the fluff.
My dandelion clock was right
For mother called to me,
“Come in and wash your grubby hands
It’s nearly time for tea”.

I also found these dandelion sculptures at Canberra Floriade.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

Spend some time checking how other bloggers perceive time

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Time…

  1. That last shot is epic and I love the nursery rhyme!

  2. Lovely post.
    Don’t forget to include a link to WPC in your post so it shows up in the replies.

  3. The opening photo has such nice contrast – the up view and the lines vs the beams of light -and then how did you capture folks blowing like that?
    Oh and cool song

    • Jack actually took those photos and he just asked passers by to blow the dandelions. He is quite cheeky! But he always gets good people photos. I was busy photographing the flowers…

      • oh that was such a good idea to get them doing this – I might have to try that someday! And of course you were capturing the flowers… ha!

  4. Such an interesting perspective on time. And I love the Canberra sculptures!

  5. Ahh you’re so clever, and I love the sculptures, thanks!

    • I love these challenges Gilly, they get the grey matter working and give a reason to look through old photos, bringing back memories.

  6. What a wonderful take on the challenge! 🙂 Lovely photos.
    Best regards from the North,

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  8. Lovely interpretation of the prompt with the various images to match. Love it.

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