Thursday Doors : Broome…

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broome pc 001_3264x2448 enhanced

Broome is the tourist mecca town 2000 kilometers north of Perth in Western Australia. A magical place embraced by the azure blue of the Indian Ocean and surrounded with the deep red, pindan dirt. It is renowned for the pearling industry which brought many Chinese to these shores to dive for the elusive oysters that held the pearl in the heart of their shells.

These photos are the corrugated shops that form China Town today.

To see more photos of when I stayed in Broome go here.


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15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors : Broome…

  1. Broome was famous because of a book or PBS series. I can’t remember, but I certainly remember the name. I want to come back to Oz!

  2. looks interesting and the corrugated word fits – it looks like corrugated cardboard – and I like the red – I never liked oysters tho…. 🙂 do you?

    • Many of the pioneers built huts to live in with corrugated iron as trees were in short supply. It must’ve been so hot in them in our summers. I do quite like oysters but they are so over priced I never buy them.

      • well i had friends who enjoyed them with the ol’ hot sauce – and I guess I like oyster stew – but not form the half shell- ha!

  3. What at pretty row of shops, although it must be hot if they’re corrugated metal!

  4. Great photos, we didn’t manage to find our way into China Town when we were there, there’s certainly plenty to see about the town.

  5. Yes, the name rings a bell as a place I’d heard of before too. It’s certainly colourful enough – good choice 🙂

  6. It’s a great name for a town and – I LOVE oysters (and pearls) 😉

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