Tuesday’s A to Z Challenge : C is for Cat

cats 032_3264x2448

We were part of this family of felines for 3 months. They are very photogenic and they stole their way into our hearts and will always be part of our memories.

 From the first day at school we are taught that C is for cat so I thought these would be very appropriate for Frizztext’s weekly A to Z challenge. It always amazes me how many different ideas bloggers come up with each week click here to take a look at them. It is a fun challenge.


Frizztext loves his music so to keep in with the C theme I have found Cat Stevens singing “Cat’s in the cradle” to go with this post.

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21 thoughts on “Tuesday’s A to Z Challenge : C is for Cat

  1. Lovely photos, cute cats!

  2. Great set of cats, and like the addition of Cat Stevens!

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  4. Some pretty kitties there pommepal. Cat Stevens is a great addition.

  5. I love the cats and Cat Stevens!!

  6. what gorgeous cats … a good thing you are not allergic to cats like us … I do love the way they lie about looking so regal! Long ago my sister had a collection, Russian Blue, Siamese, Burmese, Persian etc … they were sneezy itchy days for me as we lived together then 🙂

  7. These are awesome cat photos, lovely catty blog!

  8. Every cat makes me smile, but your first cat portrait is the best: what a character! And thanks for the YouTube link to CAT Stevens. P.S.: It is not possible to deliver a cat overload to me – I never have enuff…

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